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Spike perler

Perler beaded Spike finally

Made May-26-2015

(Updated photo) 
THANK YOU Equestria Daily for featuring me…
(Based on the pattern I made for it) Spike sprite  Please ask if you do wish too use it for anything.
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Jesus Christ...Spike? That's time you'll never get back.
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Twilight (Unamused) PlzTwilights adorable sidekick! Gotta love him (Who doesn't like spike?)
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People with good taste.
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Oh....Merr I there are characters that are not for everyone. :)
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Simply put, you should put your talent toward making characters people want to see.
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Well to be honest with you, I like to create what I love! Celestia smile 

I do enjoy it but taking in what others want to see me create would be Shrek and Luna and Celestia but a lot of what people watch me for is for my ponies and horror its what I enjoy making I don't really know what they want me to post but I enjoy making what comes to mind or characters I love myself. ( I often do give others things they want to see yes I do but I do what I feel I take requests sometimes )But I create what makes me happy and its all at random.

I also have my buddies JamesChatting TheMasterButcher999 PrincessJasminbrony stonedpanda03 9king ZombieLolitaPrincess TheWingedSkeleton (And there's tons more I didn't list but for now these are all the good pals I can think of)
And they like a lot of my art!  

But you know a lot of people enjoy a good surprise! And all kinds of things...Surprises are nice but most of my watchers tend to enjoy ponies and horror and crafts buuut I like to make what my loyal buddies/watchers enjoy too because I also love to create what I enjoy which they I am sure they enjoy... Because their all awesome to me! And I am not to worried about what others want because I made a poll a while back a lot of people tended to vote for the pervy things and but most voted for "Anything you make will be fine with me" 

So even though you may not enjoy some character... Or art piece....Please do keep in mind there is always somebody else that will enjoy something you do not like.

Take anime for example I cannot stand the animation of it or anything of it and it just irritates me a lot....But I don't go saying people have bad taste because they enjoy it...And I realize your trying to help and thank you for that and if you read all this thank you I tried to think of a good response and spent some time on it.
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i'm really glad you put me in here ^^ i must say that i agree with things you said :D we artists should draw what we like and as long as we enjoy drawing something i don't think weshould stop xD

Also there will always be a time for commissions and requests or art trades and then you can try and draw something you haven't done before ofc to gain more experiance in other styles, characters, themes etc. ^^ just keep what you're doing and i'll be more then happy to help and share my thoughts with you :iconaawplz:
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Agreed this guy! Art should be enjoyed this is so beautifully said :) I love everything you said here. (I can always take requests but their a lot of work to me and I take a lotta time)
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I don't like anime either ;)

How r u anyway?
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Not good my man...Not good...I had to listen to my bird get choked out by my psycho.....ah.....I don't feel like explaining :) But my gosh we have similar interests thats awesome!
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yaaaay I am somenone"s buddy >,w,< I feel so honored ^^
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Glad you do :) (And yeah I think you've been a pal of mine for a while) On deviantart.
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I'm surprised you mentiont me XD
but yeah I do like alot of your art ^^ I'm surprised that you can make such awesome sprites!
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Thank you! Well you can actually animate sprites I am not very good at animating them...I can just do blink and glitch and I cannot make moving that much...
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OH my goodness!! This is awesome I know even though this is a bot but I've always wanted to be on equestria daily!!! 
Thank you for the update I am so so so super happy right now oh my goodness! I've hoped for this my goal has been finally reached!Eric Raymond 
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omg i love perler beads
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Yeah there awesome! 
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Ah yes the only main male character of the group that is hecka adorable! 
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Aww, that is so adorable!! ^^
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Thank you I thought so too :) Spike is very adorable! :D
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it's like going back to childhood all over again... *sigh*
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No this is not Spyro its Spike from My little Pony Friendship is Magic however they got some awesome patterns for Spryo. :D (And I can barely remember the game Spryo) Though.
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