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Corner Clock v1.0


    Make sure you have the latest rainmeter version (1.2 or above)
    If you have trouble installing the skin with Rainstaller open the .rmskin file with winrar or winzip and copy the c-clock folder in Skins folder to C:\Users\"Your user name"\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins.Restart Rainmeter and select c-clock from the configs

    If you want to resize the part of skin that will be displayed Right-click on skin>Go settings and uncheck the keep on screen and snap to edges.

    To open config menu click on clock

    The Package includes the latest corner calendar c-clock and the old corner calendar with grunge font style.
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Thank you so much. It's simple but beautiful !
DO NOT DOWNLOAD ThERES MALWARE!!!! and fck you FreakQuency85 tryin to infect me >:I #antivirus
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I assume you are kidding. Just because your antivirus says malware doesn't mean it's a virus, I hope you realize. You probably get a message saying it is "W32.Malware.gen" or something similar. Do your research. That just means your antivirus sees certain file types and maybe a keyword in them that has been used in viruses before. It's perfectly safe, i checked the coding myself. 
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Gonna repeat Meggy's question:

How can I swap this over to 24H time?
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or to be more clear, what code would I have to add after making my own image files for the remaining times?
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I think you have to create some images with the missing time between 13 and 00 o'clock
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there is an option for 24 hours format?? :S
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Nice and well done.
I want to do it differently. Total c-clock and corner_calendar_v2.2. Without pictures. The 24-hour format, in Polish.
Do you agree?
hey i love your corner calendar but would love if youd upload cornerclock to somewhere else too since i cant download from that link. :(

nevermind :P somehow didnt see the BIG DL BUTTON lol
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How do you make the different colors? I don't exactly know any colors other than yellow black red and white.
Any chance you'd go back now and make just a .zip download for just cornerclock?
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Is there any way to turn the numbers upside down so that its easier to read in the top corners?
Please can you make a 24h mode
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thanks a lot! using it now! kind of this - [link]
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thanks looks very cool in the screenshot:)
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tell me plz how to change 24h mode?
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Hmm unfortunately its not possible since the clock uses image files to display time.
any chance of a corner clock to match the old corner calendar style?
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I will think about it for the next release:)
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this is really cool, but how do i open the config file?
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Thanks:)You can open the config tool by left clicking on the clock.
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Thanks I finally got it :w00t:
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