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Corner Calendar v2.2



Package updated..


UPDATED 25.11.2010

-added german language | can be selected as cal_german.ini
-one colour for every display – can be configured with the tool
-change the structure of the folders a bit
-changed standard variables

Feauture suggestion and everything about this update by ~daspalme (thanks very much for such a contribution:))

UPDATED 4.7.2010

now you can rotate calendar with an angle to fit other corners.
bottom corners will do fine but for top corners it will be somewhat hard to read as code rotates calendar only not flips text.

Choose angles 0-90-180-270 in config tool for different corners.(0 is bottom right corner)


Now its in .rmskin format so its much more easy to install

finally i finished the second version of my corner calendar [link]

*First of all you must have rainmeter 1.2 to make configurable calendar work else you can use one of the presets in the package:)
*make sure your skin path is like that C:\Users\User\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Corner_Calendar_v2

I made some important changes according to feedbacks
-now you can change the size,color and alpha values of the calendar.
-I used rainmeter skin config utility to simplify the configuration process and additionaly thanks to this nice tool you can see the changes instantly after you set them
-And i changed the font obviously:)


Rainmeter Skin Config by Fediafedia [link]
DenmarkFont: [link]
Rainstaller by poiru: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=rainstaller#/d2mcvn1
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Ich kann das Update nicht hochladen, weil ich es nicht mehr benutze. Aber eine Anleitung habe ich dazu erstellt um das selber zu ändern und es funktioniert. Wer sich dazu in der Lage fühlt, das Ergebnis seiner Arbeit auch für andere zur Verfügung zu stellen, könnte ich es mir auch vorstellen das wieder zu nutzen. Ich komme aber aus zeitgründen derzeit nicht dazu.

I can't upload the update because I'm not using it anymore. But I created a tutorial to change that myself and it works. If you feel able to make the result of your work available for others, I could imagine to use it again. But I don't have the time to do this at the moment.

Bitte als PN und ich antworte darauf, wenn ich das zusenden kann.

Please send me an PN.