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Hello c:

So I was thinking about opening my commissions again ^u^
But I was thinking about PayPal this time.
I would be doing these kind:…
Id like to see if people would be interested, to see if its worth verifying my PayPal xD :meow: (hope i could do that, derp)

Well if not, oh well then ;D Maybe Ill be doing point commissions then. We'll see -u-

Have a nice day/night ^_^
Hai, i figured out how to livestream so it wouldnt lag me either C:
Soo, if you want to watch me linearting commissions - join me:
All i update is about commissions rofl.
So anyway, after 4 days - i finally sketched out all of the commissions :I
Now all i gotta do is lineart and colour, so Im hoping to finish all of them by the end of next week
While Im doing that, Ill still be uploading 1 commission every day, when im going to be done, all of the commissions will be in one huge-ass picture because im so sick of this kjxnhjidjhdlu :c I have so many ideas for fanart, argggg ;_; But it will be over soon <u<
Oh and next week ill be home alone aaaall week, oh boy oh boy

Soo, thats all i got for now, maybe ill be streaming how im gunna finish the commissions, dunno about that

Anyway, talk to ya later c:
Randomly thought about closing point commissions for now.
So yup, they are CLOSED ouo
That's all 8)
Hello !
Just a quick exciting ( for me ! ) update from meee <3

I finished this school year finally ! 8D
It was kind of hard and stressing but it was worth it i guess cx Im happy with my results :meow:

So i guess that means I have more free time on my hands ^.^ ( gunna enjoy summer, aw yeah 8) )
Of course Ill be finishing up commissions, but that doesnt mean ill be doing them 24/7 rofl ( even if i had a chance <u< )

Ain't writing anything from life really, not really important for you guys lol

So I guess that's all for now :'D

Happy summer ! :glomp: :heart:
Hey everyone (:
I know Im late with the commissions and all that, but my school year is going to an end ( only a month left !! )
Which means there are plenty of school work to do e_e
But dont worry, I will finish your commissions !
Just.. not now <D ?

This month is planned and really busy. I have a lot of tests to write, projects to do and even write a damn song :I

Hope you understand and Im so sorry </3 ;u;

(finishing my first high school year ! WOO ! 8D
buut it means I will have EXAMS next year D: )

ANYWAY, see you laterr ! (maybe in a month? xD)
It was so beautiful omg
I even cried ;_;
And the songs fjkdjhnzijh
oh my god it was so goooooood FFFFFFFFFF

That is all.
Hello everyone

Firstly, I want to say that I got so much commissions that I dont even know where they came from LOL But its nice to know that people like your art <3 :heart:

Next thing is that I may be slow on doing the commissions right now (especially on Normal G4 ones) cuz my holidays are over and It's time to go back to school :c So Ill be doing them slooowlyyy but they will be done *u* ~

Thank you all for the comments, favorites and watches ! I really appreciate them ! c: (and llamas |D )

Hope everyone had a nice Easter who ever celebrated it c: Or any other Holiday you had <3 !

Buh baii ~ :meow:
Hey there peeps
Livestream is too much for my computer, so I think Ustream is pretty good :meow:

Join me at… :heart: Dont be afraid to chat <3
Lolol, i havent wrote anything in almost a year rofl xD

I dunno if you noticed but I'm drawing Transformice. Oh and I draw My Little Pony (Its fun okay? D:) Aaaand maybe ill draw some anime if I wont be too lazy.

OH OH only one more week and my 2 week christmas break will start ! <33
Oh god I really need it. Im yawing and my eyes are too tired at classes. And i really need more sleep. Weekends arent enough for me.

Anyway, I made some christmas presents. Theyre all handmade (exept the bags and cards lol)

OKAY OKAY, enough of some month updates, time for the real reason why Im writing this |D
It's my birthday today, and I turned 15 ! O: Wow, that number looks so magical :'D
I celebrated yesterday with my friends, and tomorrow i will with my family c; GOSH I GOT SO MANY CHOCOLATE LOL Oooh they know me so well~ |D

Anyway, happy holidays ! :3
My tablet finally arrived ! 8D

Now gunna practise ouo

Im gunna get a tablet ! 8D
Now I just have to wait until my parents get all the info about where to buy it and shiz, order and then hold the box :00000

Im so excited ! :excited: Gunna re-draw the ref sheets, draw gifts, open commisions and yadda yadda :'D

Happy Bunny (Cat) year ! :heart:
So yeah, today i turned 14.
It's so weird to say that :I
And the party will start soon. Oh joy <3
We are gunna watch a movie, eat, play and talk 8D

Well I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend C:
Heey everyone :)

Its snowing and cold. And so damn slippery

Im so excited and christmas spirited ! >u<
My birthday is soon (December 17) maybe not very soon but I CANT WAIT cuz im gunna celebrate with my awesome friends TwT

And then Christmas ! And school break ! And New Year ! jhykjrt

Maan, so many present at the same time. LOVE IT :heart:

My parents bought me an super early bday present. An iPod C:

And i got a printer/scanner !

So that means i can draw many traditional art now |D

So uhm, any requests or ideas maybe?..

And idk, im into anthro/humans now xD

maybe anthro.. <o<

well anyway

Im counting till holidays

And yeah, i know im dead here

But i always check my messages everyday ^^

Anyway, cya C:
So um

Hi lol.

I'm kinda sick, lolol. xD

In my town almost everyone is sick OR doens't feel good. :C

Maybe it's the flu again? xD Like omg, i want it. Last year we had even 2 weeks off becuase there was swine flu and stuff. xD

But whateva, lol.

I'm writting this journal with my big computer chair (it's really comfy <3) and a blanket. Sooo nice~

I have a cold, and yesterday I had a little tempreture. But I think it's gone now. xD

I hate yucky medicine.

And I love tea~

Lol anyway,

I want to draw, but i don't know what.

I can't believe that it's time to go back to school...

I don't wannaaa... ;___;

I hate our uniforms, i hate out teachers, i hate homework,i hate tests, i hate the kids there, i hate angry parents when they see my grades. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. >__________<

but ech, i just act like a baby now... BUT I CAN'T HELP IT, K?

As always i will look ugly, unhappy, ignored and BORING. :00


I can't believe this is the last year in this school, and next year I'm going to a new school. D:

I'm sorry if I won't reply, comment and stuff... Yeah..

Well okay now..

I'll end now and I WISH U ALL GOOD LUCK. U WILL REALLY NEED IT. unless you always study and get good grades.. anyway,


Commission Information

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 24, 2010, 11:09 AM

         Open Comms by Enjoumou Paypal Stamp by artist4com


  • Currently, only PayPal commissions are accepted.
  • You should cover any fees when sending a PayPal payment and leave your deviantART name in the transaction's notes.
  • DO NOT send the payment as "gifts", if you have to - send it as "for goods and services". Otherwise, I request payment through invoices.
  • Please be patient and don't rush me.
  • If you wish to cancel your commission, please note me as soon as possible.
  • All commissions are "first come, first serve". If you have a reason for your commission to be done earlier, please note me.
  • Each additional character costs half of the chosen commission type's price
  • Special/additional requests such as items, objects, clothes, poses, effects or revisions and etc. may apply additional costs to the final price (excluding character's accessories and colors).
  • Your commission request should include the type of commission you want, number of characters, references, poses and any additional information necessary.
  • I have the right to use your finished commission as a showcase for commission types.

    :bulletgreen: I will draw:
  • Animals, which stand on four legs
  • Any kinds of shipping
  • Soft romance

    :bulletred: I won't draw:
  • Humans
  • Anthro/Furries
  • Insulting, violent or disturbing drawings
  • Explicit sexual themes or acts



        Commission types:

  • Foal body (Chibi)
    Chibi Filly Rainbow Dash by Freakization 04 by Freakization

    Sketch - $2.50
    Lineart - $0.75
    Coloring - $0.25
    Shading - $1.50

    Total = $5.00

  • Headshots (My MLP style)
    Two ponies by Freakization 01 by Freakization

    Sketch - $3.00
    Lineart - $0.90
    Coloring - $0.30
    Shading - $1.80

    Total = $6.00

  • Full body (Chibi)
    Nerdy Twi ( PayPal commissions? ) by FreakizationCommission - JustCola by Freakization

    Sketch - $4.00
    Lineart - $1.20
    Coloring - $0.40
    Shading - $2.40

    Total = $8.00

  • Full body (My cartoon style)
    Art Trade - GigiTheGirafe by Freakization

    Sketch - $6.00
    Lineart - $1.80
    Coloring - $0.60
    Shading - $3.60

    Total = $12.00


  • Full body (My MLP style)
    02 by Freakization05 by Freakization

    Sketch - $6.50
    Lineart - $1.95
    Coloring - $0.65
    Shading - $3.90

    Total = $13.00


  • Simple - $2
    03 by Freakization''20% More Socks'' by Freakization

  • Full - $5
    Merry Christmas '12 by FreakizationHappy Halloween '12 by Freakization