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Doctor Who OC - The Fighter's Faceclaims (UPDATED) by freakismyword Doctor Who OC - The Fighter's Faceclaims (UPDATED) :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 5 0 Me with my Mermaid Tail by freakismyword Me with my Mermaid Tail :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 10 0
Doctor Who Drabbles - Jamie x Victoria - Bicycle
I got this idea from my Godmother. Two people riding a bicycle, but one of them is clumsy with it.
From what I was told, in the Victorian era they had bicycles but in Jamie's time I didn't find anything on bicycles. So in this Jamie will not know what a bicycle is. :) It also helps to add to the plot! XD

Doctor Who Drabbles
Pairing: Jamie Mccrimmon x Victoria Waterfield
#2: Riding a Bicycle
Victoria looked to the bicycle with a bright smile as she moved it from it's hiding place. She wanted to do something normal that she was comfortable with for once. Seeing someone ride by on a bicycle that looked slightly different from the ones she had back in her era striked the desire to do so.
The young Victorian girl asked the Doctor if she could get a bicycle. The recorder playing Doctor smiled at her "You can just use my bicycle I have here in the TARDIS my dear. It's down the hall in the eq
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Doctor Who Drabbles - Brax and Romana
Doctor Who Drabbles
#1: Unforgettable Time Lady
Pairing: Irving Braxiatel/ Romana I
It all began when he first met her. Romanadvoratrelundar of Heartshaven. Who knew this young Time Lady could change his world forever?
Maybe his future selves...
She had brown wavy hair that reached a little past her shoulders and green eyes that when needed could pierce into your very soul. Romana was the picture of a queen. Like one of those pictures in a museum you were just so in awe over you couldn't help but bow down.
They called her 'The Ice Maiden' all because they were jealous they could never match up to her superiority. At least she had 'The Icicle' as they would call him by her side. He was her Icicle and she was his Maiden.
Braxiatel was her tutor and Romana was his student. He helped guide her to the future they both knew she would be ruling. It wasn't like Romana needed help or was struggling in classes, she just liked talking
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The Time Lady Taken Out of Time - Chapter 3

Classic Who - The Time Lady Taken out of Time

The 1st Fighter - Chapter 3: The Three Doctors
Slowly appearing from where she had last been, The Fighter looked around to see herself in a laboratory. She heard gasps and turned to see an older man wearing a velvet coat, a young woman in go-go boots and a solider all looking at her in shock.
The Fighter gave a nervous smile "Uh, hello there. I- I can explain-"
Suddenly a smile came to the older man's face as he went to take her into a hug. "Fighter! It's great to see you again."
"Doctor, are you sure this is her? She looks different from the last time we saw her." The young woman asked, raising an eyebrow.
The Doctor pulled away from her, smiling. "Yes Jo. My people have a special talent for changing our appearances. You could say this is how she originally looked."
The solider walks up to the Fighter, a smile on his face. "Hello again Fighter."
The Time Lady looks to t
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The Time Lady Taken Out of Time - Chapter 2

The Time Lady Taken out of Time

Chapter 2: The Unearthly Child (1st Fighter)
The Fighter looks to the woman and man with the same confused look. She felt like she had just arrived in a sticky situation. Susan walks forward to them as they observe the big room. The Fighter could sense the tension in the air as her childhood friends soft behavior turned into a cold, distant one. "Oh great. Who are they?" She asked.
"Close the door, Susan." The Doctor said with a grumpy tone. Flicking a switch on the console, they watched the doors close. "I believe these people are known to you."
"They're two of my school teachers! What are you doing here?" Susan asked them.
The woman looked around in wonder. "Where are we?"
"They must have followed you. That ridiculous school. I knew something like this would happen if we stayed in one place too long." The Doctor told Susan.
"But why should they follow me?"
The woman suddenly asked "
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The Time Lady Taken Out of Time - Chapter 1

I wanted to do something with the Classic Doctors because I love Classic Who so much. Lately I've been reading lots of Time-jumper stories and they inspiried me to do my own. Thing is, mine has a different twist to it. MY OC Time Lady, The Fighter is the Time Jumper in this. If you've read my story, "The Time Lady and her Boys", consider this as an AU of the prequel. This story will follow all of the Classic Doctors 1-8.
Enjoy my take on the time-jumper stuff.
Chapter 1: Time Lady taken out of Time (1st Fighter)

She grew up on Gallifrey with a family and followed what was expected of Gallifreyans. She made friends with her neighbors and went to the academy at age 8. She looked into the untempered schism just like everyone else. Missy of Heartshaven seemed like a normal person.
Her friends Theta Sigma of Lungbarrow and Koschei of Oakdown enjoyed her company. If they weren't spending their time in classes, they were running around th
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Pouty Time Lady - Romana 1 Cosplay by freakismyword Pouty Time Lady - Romana 1 Cosplay :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 4 1 The Ice Maiden - Romana 1 Cosplay by freakismyword The Ice Maiden - Romana 1 Cosplay :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 2 1 Romana and 4th Doctor @ SD Who Con 2016 by freakismyword Romana and 4th Doctor @ SD Who Con 2016 :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 4 2 Romana 1 and Dalek Cosplay @ SD Who Con 2016 by freakismyword Romana 1 and Dalek Cosplay @ SD Who Con 2016 :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 5 0 Wise Words from Shakespeare by freakismyword Wise Words from Shakespeare :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 5 0 Flower among Lilypads by freakismyword Flower among Lilypads :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 4 1 Circles of Zen by freakismyword Circles of Zen :iconfreakismyword:freakismyword 3 0
The Time Lady and her Boys - Chapter 16: Dark Path

How the Master is portrayed in my story is an evil man trying to get on the right path but it will be hard for him because he will always be evil (It's just how the Master is and the thing we love about him.) In my story I'm saying there is a possibility he can be good but I'm not going to make him entirely good, he will have his evil moments...I just wanted to make that clear.
Also, I know it gets kind of old and boring reading chapters on the T.V stories (Especially if you've seen them 50000 times and know them by heart) so I'm cutting out the rest of the T.V stories, for now as this was part of my story anyway. Now there will be a major Time Skip between here and the next T.V story I will get back to writing (Which for sure will be The End Of Time! I'm writing that Chapter out for sure! I have already had everything planned out for that sweetie!)
In this chapter and the next ones you will (And hopefully as
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The Time Lady and her Boys - Chapter 15: Part 2

The Time Lady and her Boys

Doctor Who Fanfiction
Paring: Master/Time Lady OC
Chapter 15: The Time Lord Children - PART 2

"So you're together but not...married?" Kos asked his parents still trying to find out more about them.
The Fighter looked to the Master as she replied "Yes. We might get married someday." The Master looked to her nodding. If he had his way, he would have a Gallifreyan wedding with her. A proper one where they would whisper each other's real names and he wouldn't treat her the way her last husband did. He would treat her like a Queen.
Jenny looked to Donna and the Doctor "What about you two? You travel together, but you're not 'Together' like them?"
Donna looked to her shocked and a bit disgusted by the idea "What? No,no way! We're friends, that's all. I mean, we're not even the same species, there's probably laws against it."
The Fighter commented "Well... Some
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You will see more of stories or Reader inserts than art because I believe I am better at writing than drawing.

I will sometimes upload my art onto here, though be warned!


Victoria Waterfield by PaulHanley Victoria Waterfield :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 58 11 Hannah Bartholemew by PaulHanley Hannah Bartholemew :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 71 7 Adric (Cold Fusion) by PaulHanley Adric (Cold Fusion) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 54 10 Iris Wildthyme (The Wormery) by PaulHanley Iris Wildthyme (The Wormery) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 52 2 Gallifrey by PaulHanley Gallifrey :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 186 21 The Shalka Doctor by PaulHanley The Shalka Doctor :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 277 76 The Master (The Curse of Fatal Death) by PaulHanley The Master (The Curse of Fatal Death) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 63 14 Mark Gatiss as the Doctor by PaulHanley Mark Gatiss as the Doctor :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 233 27 Doctor No More by PaulHanley Doctor No More :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 494 73 Bernice Summerfield by PaulHanley Bernice Summerfield :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 71 6 The Infinite Doctor (regenerated edition) by PaulHanley The Infinite Doctor (regenerated edition) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 422 120 The Doctors (2018) by PaulHanley The Doctors (2018) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 376 50 Serena by PaulHanley Serena :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 60 6 Zelda by AnnieChie Zelda :iconanniechie:AnnieChie 90 3 Legend of Zelda - Twilight Battle by Rei-Suzuki Legend of Zelda - Twilight Battle :iconrei-suzuki:Rei-Suzuki 338 37 Sheik - Legend of Zelda 2 by JilliD Sheik - Legend of Zelda 2 :iconjillid:JilliD 110 21
I have returned from the depths because I have an exciting announcement. For those of you who are fans of my Doctor Who fan fiction "The Time Lady and Her Boys", I have finally gotten around to writing the prequel for it. 

I haven't published it yet, because I'm still working on it, but it will be up on my FFNET account very soon. BE ON THE LOOKOUT! That is all.

P.S: I've add the link for my Tumblr Story blog where I post updates, fan art, and things about all my stories, even The Time Lady and Her Boys. 

Link to my Fanfiction Net Account
Link to my Tumblr Story Account
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Welcome to my Evil Lair of Awesomeness my humans...




Hello random human! The Name is Jamie! Don't be afraid to send me a comment or message, I love interacting with others and will go talking on end about fandom's and random things in life.

I'm 21, Female, Gemini, Straight, Gryffindor, ENFP, Ambivert, single, part-time college student. I mostly write, cosplay take photos and make photo's transparent on here.

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