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I want to thank Caprice Mag for publishing one of my waterfall shots in June's Magazine.  Its a great feeling to get to be next to some excellent photography.  

Vol 2.  Issue #14
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only realized its been 10 years today.... internet just finally got hooked up.  

I'm wore out, from moving, working, women, etc.  

... but I've made it here, so I'm alive and trying to relax as I can.  Cup cakes would be nice ;)
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I've accepted a job, and I'm moving to Georgia for awhile.... a little scary folks.
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My grandfather passed away today.  Rest in peace papaw, we love you and I'm happy that you're not in pain anymore.  We'll miss you.


Video/slideshow I made for the funeral…

Had almost everyone in the family make it, which is unbelievable.  Had hundreds of people show up to the visitation, and then more at the funeral the next day.  He was loved by more people than he (or anyone else) knew.
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Well, LSAT is done, I feel like I did better than I expected, but who knows until my scores come in.  Just glad to be done with that.

Update:  Got a 4 day trip back to the Manzano Mountains for some R&R and man it feels great to relax to a warm fire, cold beer, and the sounds of a forest.
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Finally got out to the Manzano Mountains, hiked and hiked and hiked, and took pictures.  It was unseasonably hot there, at least it seemed.
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I need to go backpacking and get outta the world for a bit.  Maybe I can work something out so I can go freeze my butt off in nature.  

Yeah.  I do this for fun.  :#1:

ETA:  Hit up #Ford-Mustangs at
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Well obviously I have taken to photography over writing by a long shot.... Well here it all is.  I think I have almost everything in my gallery available to see and whatnot.
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Monday I was informed by a friend that one of our riding buddies had been shot and killed the night before.  Its been a weird week, full of mourning for lots of us.

Just some of my thoughts,

Russell was such a great person, he was always friendly with everybody he met.  I remember him chasing me and some of my friends while we were riding rediculously fast through neighborhoods in the middle of the night.  I remember the first time I ever met Russell, at a gas station in town, it was his 2nd day of owning/riding a motorcycle.  I hope the police find the bastard who killed Russell, although there is nothing you can do to this murderer that is as bad as what he did to Russell's seven year old son.  

RIP my friend.…
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