I never meant to do this

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Published: June 15, 2003
You were the perfect girl,
molded for me,
and me alone,
but it seems as though,

I was blind,
and dumb,
and wasted it all
for just a little fun.

but little did I know
that you would know,
and that I'd break your heart,
and stain your soul.

We had our lives
all planned out,
we knew the names of our children,
we knew it should have lasted forever.

I had the perfect girl,
in this semi-perfect world,
and I threw it all away
for something I never even wanted.

You haven't spoken to me in years,
Only one time did I see your number,
and when I called you back,
I had nothing to say.

See the cracked and tear stained glass
of those beautiful pictures of us,
together, wanting nothing more than
to be together, forever.

I said it'd never be like this,
I'd never be like this,
I'd never do this,
to you.</b>
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um, yeah,
this one is more personal than I usually get, but I was told to write about this after explaining it to the closest of friends.

I had this stock photo on my computer, I believe I got it from * angelcurls but if not then, well, note me if you know where it did come from.

Update: I seem to have found this photo from [link]
I did modify it a little.
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that was beautiful :) I hope you're doing okay now :)
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I was blind,
and dumb,
and wasted it all
for just a little fun.
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omg! 2 words...

amazingly beautiful
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freakinoutProfessional Photographer
glad you liked it.
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I can't believe that I never got to this sooner.

The emotion that has been poured into this is absolutely incredible. I enjoyed the way you emphasized certain words the way you did; it somehow gave it a little more pep.

This stanza was the one that I enjoyed most:

"See the cracked and tear stained glass
of those beautiful pictures of us,
together, wanting nothing more than
to be together, forever."

The entire stanza, especially the first two lines, gives an excellent source of imagery, and I enjoyed that. Excellent work, my friend.:)
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freakinoutProfessional Photographer
I can't believe you missed the rush on this one, it was a daily top fav for awhile there, nothing like getting more comments than you know what to do with on a piece.

glad you enjoyed this one, it was written with passion.
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*sniffles* reminds me of the guy i'm in love with..how he's so far away. emotion is a big deal in poetry, and you definitely have emotion. your poem just ripped my heart out. nice work:!:
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freakinoutProfessional Photographer
sorry I had to rip your heart out, but sometimes raw emotion does that. Glad you enjoyed it though.
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dude, NEVA apologize for a kickass poem
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wow...despite all the other comments by people, i thought i had to give my own 2 cents, and they're pretty simple really...haunting...AWESOME...your best yet that i have seen, by far. if you do more stuff like this, then...well, i dont really know what then but its bound to be badass. keep it up.
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thought this was an excellent poem, really captured your emotion, i hope i never do something like that as it would wreck your life. +fav
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freakinoutProfessional Photographer
thanks for the comment and fav, I hope you never do anything like that either, it is hell.
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i just went through shit like this.. thank you.. this poem is awesome..
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well done, I read a comment that said this piece lacked imagery... this piece is not about imagery, its not meant to contain it... its meant to be felt in your heart not seen in your mind. We can all relate to this piece. At one time or the other we have all sabotaged our desires for some stupid reason or the other... this is the worst feeling because it comes with the awareness that it could have been helped. This poem allows us to remember that feeling and see the the darkness that comes with the pain. Very well done.
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This is amazing, and very beautiful and well-expresed ;) (Wink)
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dreamcatcher20Hobbyist General Artist
this is simply amazing. your pain goes through me as i read this. i don't know what else to say, but WOW.
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livingbyairHobbyist Writer
its repetative, and lacks imagry. makes up for some of that in good flow.

but anyway.

I had the perfect girl,
in this semi-perfect world,
^it really doesn't get much better than that.
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c-is-for-cunt Photographer
Reading this makes me wonder if this is how my ex felt... it sounds just like him..

this hurts to read.. its written so well tho... bravo.

Heart Kandice
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ohh, how beautiful
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...wow...so much emotion. Reading this it took my breath away I wanted to cry but...yea I try ot to let myself cry anymore. So powerful....it makes me fear that when I finally find 'my one' I'll lose him somehow... Beautiful poem.

(as to some of the comments I read...the spacing is fine and actually helps with things like flow and feel. Haha and Sillydru said there was not enough imagery...sometimes imagery is not always a good thing. If you needed more of anything you wouldnt have got a DTF...~_~')
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this is a great poem...............i love it well written, no really well written :) (Smile) good on you. i have heard the side of the other so often but it was great to hear it from the other side. Congrats all round awesome poem!
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Heartwrenching, heartbreaking. I've heard those words from other lips, but in this I can see the other side of the pain.

Okay, sure, it's something that is thrown out every so often, but you did a great job with it. The end is riviting. At least to me.
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All I have to say : wow
Ur stuff just kinda holds me in, I have to look at it all. +fav
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shownaProfessional Photographer
I was about to complain that much of what you put down has been said many times before, but the last few lines are a nice touch to the whole thing.

Who are you by the way? You left a comment on my page...
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