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check it childs.




everyone seems to be 'omg jark' at the moment, and tbh, i dont give a fuck. i've never heard of the guy so why should i fucking care.

they say it's ruined the community. WAY TO GO JARK. thankyou. the dA community is a complete wankfest were great artists dont get a look in sometimes. because all the crappy cliche anime artists are popular and steal all the attention. HELLO THERE ARE OTHER TYPES OF ART!!! i hate da. but i guess theres no better alternative. no one else is as fucking popular. wank wank wank.
:bulletgreen:Hey, I'm just gonna clean a few things about my page, like all journals, scraps, deviations i you wanna save something, just say.  I just feel it's time for a clean, everythings getting a bit full. :aww:

:bulletgreen: I'm also having a bit of trouble finding inspiration lately, so if you have any ideas, please say, i might steal them.

:bulletgreen: I'm taking letyourbeautyunfold into the woods soon with my slr to take some photos for my gcse media project, so, hopefully they'll go okay.

erm...thats it.