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Dante and Virgil

Hey hey hey! It's Dante's Inferno!...
Look! See? There's Dante, isn't he a bundle of joy?

Dante's Inferno was actually a big inspiration behind Still Alive (go figure, right?)
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Pffthahaha, their faces are just priceless :rofl: And Dante DOES usually have a stern look in his portraits XD
...Although to be fair, the description of Hell in Inferno is absolutely chilling =P
FlutteringLights's avatar
I love this. Virgil's hand is... Aah. They're just so cute.
I'm reading Inferno in AP Lit right now, and these are the characters I picture. It's enjoyable.
ProbablyImpossible's avatar
The best thing about this is that almost every single portrait of Dante has that exact expression. :XD:
Dyabolical's avatar
I'm reading the Divine Comedy right now, but I must be missing something. I imagine the roles being reversed, since Virgil has been through hell before and Dante seems much more fascinated with hell than Virgil.

They're always stopping so Dante can interrogate a tortured soul, and I get this uninterested vibe from Virgil the entire time.
Cygnicantus's avatar
OH hell yes. You seen the 1911 movie "L'Inferno"? Dante's like OMG every second and Virgil has almost the same expression on his face all the time ^^
CharlotteACavatica's avatar
Just finished reading Inferno for school, and, uh, yeah...that's exactly how I picture those two.
sonyajim's avatar
Hahaha his eyes make it funny :L
Charanty's avatar
Dante's face is made of win))))
Werepuppy26's avatar
Are you serious? Since when is The Inferno an inspiration for Still Alive?!
(I shit you not, I just go through reading that book and I've heard Still Alive a million times... I just don't see it... THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!)
RikudouPain's avatar
LOL <3

Dante, looks so cute there
FreakingArG's avatar
Ha, glad it pleases!
DawnToDust's avatar

"This is hell Dante, not your personal fantasy!"
FreakingArG's avatar
Love that movie lol
DawnToDust's avatar
XD I know right!
CheeryLemonade's avatar
I can never read Inferno again. ; A;
FreakingArG's avatar
Yay! I've ruined a timeless classic! : D
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