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Windows 7 Icon folder Package

I would like to present you the new Windows 7 icons, A few were made by me to complete the user folder. The rest are from MS.
© 2008 - 2021 Freak180
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how do u use them???
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Cool, Freaks.
how i can install these folders tell me please
it is very usefull to our computer
very nice .

thank you.
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So, where do I have to put them in order to access them from WIN7> If I try to replace an icon, it goes to the system32 directory, but I am reluctant to just throw a folder in there.
thanks for your great sharing...
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thanks. I'll check them out
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But, till now on, i'm not try Windows 7...
Due to the Disc store and also...
i can't download from internet, my area don't have a connection speed at least 100Kb/s...
Keep try something new..:P
Hi , please let me know how to install them..
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Heii Nice Deviation..I am going to use these icons in a pack i am devoloping for Xp if you don't mind.I will give you proper credits.

Thanks in advance.
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Wow, really good icons, thanks for sharing!
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how do u install these icons? just simply right-click the folder and hit properties? And what are the imageres-1** files for?
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LOL, u people... "Where'd u get Windows 7?!" The BETA, People! It's available 'till April 1, 2009, and then u have to re-install Vista/XP.
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i got the Beta and i wanted the icons for my sigs and stuff.
and a possible PSP Portal
How can I get this into tuneup.
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its nice.[link]
whr u got Win7??
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Thanks! i really like these new icons, the vista ones are weird.. ive been using win 7 ultimate and its awesome!
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