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Aerosnap 7 Theme

This is one of the theme's for windows 7 that stands out. I'm the first to make the system tray icons from 7 to vista.
Just drag the pnidui.dll file into the windows/system32 folder and replace the one that currently there. Comments are always welcome :) I would also like to credit giannisgx89 for the beautiful orb ;)
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nice theme I got 
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Wow..This is interesting theme..Anyone can provide the download link please? thanks
how to install????
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this is not working in ma pc when i intal this theme then he give me erorr . . . . . . .   :( :(

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HOw TO iNsTaal TH!s TeaM PLz TeLl Me Friendz ? 

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how to install?
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Very pretty well balanced color and design. Thanks!
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A great well balanced color and design. Great job!
it beaty thanks
this is realy a good themes pack for me
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Is that theme only works on vista?
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i cant get this to work. I use 64bit vista. help plz... :(
Hello, first thanks for this huge nice theme !
but i can use it :-( i patched the pnidui.dll file, my uxtheme seems ok, i even use the vistaglazz program, but when i doubleclik on the Aerosnap7.msstyles set in the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aerosnap7\ directory, my vista ultimate don't show nothing new except my already themes present.
can u help, please ? (explain the right way to install it for example)

thanks very much.
Nice theme thanks
man - your theme look great - i am using it and loving

just a few concerns:

1 - why the orb have a very tiny black outline "external" to the orb?

2 - why, when we click on the orb, is some kind of "green effect" below the orb? what about a standard vista orb with standard light effect - i know the intention is to mimim windows 7, but why not have two options? why not make better than windows 7? ;)

3 - the taskbar, when is positioned over the top of the screen, dont have the tiny white "bevel" on the "bottom" of the taskbar, harming the delicate separation between the taskbar and the background.

4 - there are some kind of "residual light" when we click on the orb and then click on the desktop. when the menu close, we can see some faint white light on the extreme left of the screen, next of the orb.

5 - the "rectangle" right to the clock which, i suppose, is to get a "clean area" to right click the taskbar is very strong and getting to much attention. looks like a button wissing the icon :D why not lower the contrast (maybe 50% - or even more) and make this area a little more subtle?

don´t take my observations as critics to your very nice work. these are just some suggestions, ok? ;)

i stick with your visual style over many other windows 7 styles here in deviantart. many have excess os lights, bevels, effects, etc.

i like the clean style of your choices - maybe these observations inspire you to make another visual style which, of course, i will try too :)

keep up the good work :triumph:
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How did you insert the blank spaces in the favorite links icons? Can you pleas tell me how to do this
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