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Antifa poster

By frazerus
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this is one of the posters what i made for AFA - Antifascist Action.
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AntiFa are the racists, are the fascists.…

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Finaly someone are telling them to stop being fascists them selves.
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yer sig is so ironic...

nietzsche would fight againt antifa. ^^;
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ummm...dude, i think actually the flag is the other way. red on top, this is the anti-antifa flag :/
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Umpf - i don't think so... Anti-Antifa has the ONE flag turned to right side...
the colors of the flags are "unimportant".... RTFM...-----> [link]
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good night white pride
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why is white pride/power bad? bet you think latino/black/asian/jewish pride is ok! <smirks> i hate hypocrisy!
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why is it bad? xD It supports ideology of Hitler and other dictators.
Do you think nacism and fascism is correct? I definitely think it's NOT.
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it is a anti racist and anti facist slogan....
"It's amazing how every time you open your mouth, you manage to prove you're an idiot."...
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what else to say.... than ..... FUCK YOU RACIST :-*
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dude thats awsome
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