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These are the things :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 4
I stop at the intersection, waiting for the walk sign.  A girl is standing next to me.  She's quite attractive.  Maybe I should...
"Excuse me," I say, "which way are you going?"
She turns to look at me, a bit surprised.  "I'm just going to the bus stop down here," she says.
"May I walk with you?"
She nods.
We get to talking.  Lauren is her name.  Before we get to the bus stop, I've got her number and a coffee date for tomorrow.
The date goes wonderfully. We share a lot of the same interests, and don't live too far apart.  We have a second date set up, this one for dinner.
Over the next several months, we become more and more involved.  After half a year, I realize just how deeply I'm in love.  We've moved in together.  At our one-year anniversary, I pop the question.  She says yes.
The wedding...
I snap out of my reverie.  The walk sign turned on.  If I'm go
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 2
Sometimes when it’s midnight or maybe 12:30 or 1 am or even 1:30 or later (but not often), I put on my fedora and listen to some relaxing, thoughtful music and I go to get something to eat, and I walk out of my dorm and turn left to go to University Blvd and it’s quiet and just a little bit cool out and there are a few people outside but not many, and I look around at the night and my mind and heart and soul feel expansive, ready to do, and I get an urge to make something, something grand and beautiful and magnificent, something that will show to others what I am and what we are in our core, something bigger than I could possibly be, but I don’t know how or what, and now I arrive where I’m going to eat and I walk into the brightly lit building and all thought of creation is lost
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 2
Intraverse's Fear
In the beginning, there was not.  Matter, light, energy did not exist—there was not even a void, for the very existence of void is defined only by the matter that does not inhabit it.  There was time, the force that drives all things, but it was impossible to measure as it flowed from nowhere to nowhere else.
Then, there was.  An entity, a mind, existing as pure thought.  It saw all that wasn’t, but it did not see itself.  It would later become known as Intraverse.  What Intraverse thought, became real.  Over untold ages, he created all that exists—universes, as innumerable as the leaves on the Tree of Life itself, each with countless galaxies, each containing fantastic numbers of stars.
Intraverse looked back upon his creation. “Who made this?” he wondered.  In all this time, he had seen every last atom of creation—but he had not seen himself.  He realized that it mu
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 0
The Adventures of Crumple-Man
Mild-mannered Jeremy Shafer is an origamist, known most for his whimsical, humorous models. But few know that he is actually...
CRUMPLE MAAAAAAN, defender of paper, folding, and the purist way!
In Shafer's study seems I need to add an extra pleat here...
Just then
Help me, Crumple Man! My collapse won't work!
Back at the study
What's that? An origamist is in trouble! This is a job for...
*dashes into closet and comes out several seconds later in a paper costume*
CRUMPLE MAN! Fold, fold, and awaaaay!
With his super creasing ability, Crumple Man valley-folds space-time and travels across the globe at super speed!
Citizen 1: Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird!
Citizen 2: It's a crane!
Citizen 3: No, it's Crumple Man!
Crumple Man arrives at the home of the distressed origamist.
CM: Never fear, good origamist! Crumple Man is here!
--HAHAHAHA! I've got you now, Crumple Man!
CM: Gasp! It's none other than my arch nemesis, Dr. Scissors!
Gasp! It's n
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 4 9
Glitchy Doodles by frazeocity Glitchy Doodles :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 2 16
The Intruder
I attacked a ladder with my face last night.
I’m not usually in the habit of assaulting climbing implements with my face, but it was dark.  I was in bed at the time, trying to fall asleep, and I thought it was an intruder.  I’d rather keep my hands and feet in good condition, so my head was really the only other weapon available to me.  Most people make a soft “thud” or “smack” sound when you ram your face into them.  This was more of a “SLAM!” sound.  Needless to say, I vanquished the ladder.  It now knows its place.
Nonetheless, I probably should have realized that people usually don’t lean against the top bunk at night.
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 6
Numbered pencils.
Such a controlled environment,
you can't be trusted with your own writing implements.
#2 is there, along with its siblings #1 through #36.
Controlling your pencils--controlling your creativity?
"This poem was written with pencil number 17.
This expression of my life, my dreams, my desires, was written
with a pencil with the number 17 attached to it with masking tape.
A guard picked it from a hole in the lid of a tupperware box and handed it to me.
I used it to display my soul to the world,
and now it goes back in that tupperware box."
How much more free might your soul be with an anonymous pencil?
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 1 3
65 Million Years Later
65 million years later…
We have spent several years studying the band of sediment that seems to have been deposited at the same time as the mass extinction that took place about 65 million years ago.  The radioactive material in this band is truly fascinating.  It is a substance that is only found in minute trace amounts on the Earth’s surface—and yet, here we have a layer of it as thick as my hand!  So now, the question becomes: what could have caused this?
After several more years, we have dug in numerous places around the globe.  The radioactive band seems to be everywhere.  There seem to be two possible explanations for this: either the band was deposited after an enormous volcano eruption, in which this radioactive material would have been spewed up from inside the Earth—or there was an asteroid impact.  While this radioactive material is rare on the Earth’s crust, i
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 1 9
Wedding Gift 3--Heart Rings by frazeocity Wedding Gift 3--Heart Rings :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 0 9 Wedding Gift 2--Closeup by frazeocity Wedding Gift 2--Closeup :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 3 8 Wedding Gift 2--Kawasaki Roses by frazeocity Wedding Gift 2--Kawasaki Roses :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 1 3 Wedding Gift 1--Star of Peace by frazeocity Wedding Gift 1--Star of Peace :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 1 4 Happy birthday, Ginz by frazeocity Happy birthday, Ginz :iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 3 10
The Call
*Beep*  “Hello?  Oh, hi Carol.  Listen, I…what?  He what?!  How?  How many—how—how many rocks were there?  I said, how many rocks were there?  Five?  How did that happen?  …Oh.  He what?  Oh, well you can—you can tell him to come to me himself if that’s the case!  …I said, you-can-tell-him-to-come-to-me-himself-if-that’s-the-case!  But Carol, listen, I’m at this funeral.  I said, I’m at a…no no no, a FUNERAL!  It’s—it’s for my boss, okay?  My BOSS!  Look, can I talk to you later, I really—what?  That’s not funny!  Of course I didn’t kill him!  Yeah, he was a womanizing bastard.  He hit on me, he grabbed my boobs—I said, HE GRABBED MY BOOBS!—he threatened to withhold my pa
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 2 8
Everest Hottest Place on Earth
PHILADELPHIA, PA—The top of Mount Everest is the hottest place on Earth, says a team of science fundamentalists.
“Following the teachings set forth by Robert Boyle, the Patron Saint of Thermodynamics, we know that hot air rises,” explains Dean Milson, chairman of the Scientist Fundamentalists Union (StFU).  “It is obvious, then, that since Mt. Everest is the highest point on the planet, it must also be the hottest.
When asked to expand on the StFU’s beliefs, Milson is eager to explain.  “Foremost, we follow the revelations given to us by Our Lord Archimedes, and endeavor to model our science after that of His only begotten son, Isaac Newton.  We hold in faith that, throughout history, Our Lord Archimedes has seen fit to inspire in His most faithful and humble servants a great scientific revelation.  These include Saint Mendel, Patron of genetics; Feynman of New York, graced with a divine sense of quantum dynamics; an
:iconfrazeocity:frazeocity 2 5

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United States
Current Residence: An apartment somewhere
Favourite genre of music: Most Brazilian music (samba, axé, etc), various semi-obscure music, whatever catches my fancy.
Favourite photographer: Erm, there are some fantastic photographers here on DA.
Favourite style of art: Don't have one, really.
Operating System: Mac OSX.
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Shell of choice: Trilobite.
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever image amuses me at the moment.
Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbes, the three Eds--Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy.
Personal Quote: Me is a really smart guy, I've learned a lot from talking with him.
And it's been over half a year since I last posted a journal.

Last semester was the hardest I've ever pushed myself, but I won. One B, one C, and three As--one of the As was in the hardest math class I've ever had, one I was sure I'd get a C in. Right now I'm doing as much nothing as possible before the break ends and the new semester starts.

I stumbled across one of those trendy pseudo-Japanese logic puzzles. This one's called Hidato. Bought a book of them at Barnes and Noble on a mad impulse, and not regretting it. I've done the first 56, excluding some I gave to my mom. They're quite fun actually, I recommend them to anyone who enjoys logic puzzles.

And now, another journal survey-type thingiedopper. Stole this from :iconthe-fiery-hot-geeg:, even though I didn't ask anything on hers. See if this one doesn't flop quite as magnificently as the last one did.


You can ask me THREE questions
No matter how crazy, inappropriate, or random they are.
I will answer 100% truthfully. (or as close to the truth as I can without putting myself at risk of discovery and/or location.)

If it is a really, really personal question, I may not answer. Well, I think it'd be obvious, any overly-personal stuff. If it's asked by someone who knows me personally, then I'll answer- but not on devart. Only if you're persistent.

Now here's the dare:
You must put this in your journal
See what other people will ask you.


Those of you who know me well probably know I'm willing to answer very nearly any question you can possibly think of. (I can really only think of one, maybe two things I won't discuss with anyone.) Though, as stated in the C&Ped rules, I may prefer to do so via a note or MSN.

Now, let the inquisition begin!
  • Listening to: Star Trek: DS9 intro music in my head
  • Reading: The Great Book of Amber
  • Watching: DS9 season 2 on DVD
  • Playing: Subeta
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Saliva


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