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APH - Brotherly Love 1889

I'm sooo tired from staying up all night working on this! :faint:
But it's finally done. :phew:

I won't get into the details in how I made this on Photoshop - it's over 40 layers, various layering modes, a few slight filters, and over 8 hours of work. :dead:

And this was actually based off an request from a deviant from Germany who wanted someone wearing a Pickelhaube (it literally translates into "Prickled Helm" or "Spiked Helmet" from German), and a pic of Prussia.

I pretty much combined the two requests into this one pic, but I still plan on making two separate pics to met the criteria of his requests.


Originally I wanted Gilbert/Prussia to be wearing the helmet, but I thought it'd be much funnier and cuter if he slams it on his little brother's head. :XD:

How I got the year 1889 is from a reference photo of an imperial uniform both Prussia and Germany would wear during the late 1800's (in this case, 1889).
The sleeve cuffs were red in the photo ( [link] ), but in other reference pics, the sleeve cuffs can be yellow instead ( [link] ).

Another uniform I considered in using for this pice from the same time period was this: [link]
But I decided not to use it because it reminded me of the 'Red Coat' England wore during the American Revolution, and it's more commonly used in parades not combat. :XD:

Well, I hope you like what I've done.
And just as usual, let me know what you think. :D


*Without Texture: [link]

*Rough Version: [link]
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Das wa sehr toll! du bist eine genial !
ShinYaShi's avatar
So cute >w< I love the hat on the childs head
Arminius1871's avatar
Hey that´s a brilliant picture and very funny!^^

At first I thought the little man is Bavaria, because his trousers look a bit like the bavarian historical clothes, but then I read your information^^

The uniform of Gilbert is great, why can you draw so beautiful?^^

And I read, you had so much work, and all that for me? That´s really nice from you!!! May I save the picture?

I can`t wait to see the other drawings from you! I´m watching you^^

Have a wonderful day, as I have ;)
FrauV8's avatar
Thanks. :)

Little Ludwig/Germany is often depicted either wearing Bavarian-styled clothing, or 17th-18th century clothing - probably because of his association with Holy Roman Empire (Germany being HRE in APH doesn't make much sense to me - historically HRE dies, giving birth to many countries aside from the German states, such as Switzerland and Belgium; but it's whatever the creator of APH wants it to be).

:blushes: You flatter me - but there's many other people who could draw a lot better than me (and I mean A LOT better).

I've been drawing ever since a young age, and I've continually been working on my skills ever since; it's always a learning process 'cause there's many ways to approach certain problems, new shapes, and different skills people use.
To become a great artist, one has to keep working on their skills constantly despite what other people say (believe it or not, but I was teased a lot while growing up because of my love for drawing and school; one time I nearly gave up drawing, but one of my teachers came over to me and told me to keep doing what I'm best at, and ever since I never stopped drawing).
My drawing professor last semester once said that once a person has drawn over a 1000 pictures, that person is considered to be a master (I only have about 300 in my Scraps, and that's not including other drawings I drew before joining dA; I estimate throughout my entire life as an amateur artist, I've probably drawn about 600 pics - I'm still a way's off before becoming a master :XD: ).

And of course you can save the pic - it was made for you! :D
chocoboheart's avatar
LOVE the colors!
Oh my, they are so cute ^3^
I realy like the texture but I think it´s a bit blurry?
Or it´s just me XDD
I love the pic :love:
Great work!
FrauV8's avatar
Dankies! :D

Ja, the texture is a bit blurry (sorry about that), but unfortunately that's how it turned out when I flattened the image (sometimes I even get a line across the image; thankfully that didn't happen).
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over 40 layers and over 8 hours of work, that sounds like so much fun ha ha. I like how you use the color, and textures, to me it has some age to it :D
FrauV8's avatar
Thanks. :D

I actually enjoy adding a bit of texture - aside from aging the image, I find that people actually tend to look at the whole pic and notice other little details instead of just focusing only on the focal point when I add a bit of texture (but not all the time - sometimes it can be too distracting). :)
Time-Princess's avatar
Soooo cute! I love the colours and the detail, so lovely!
FrauV8's avatar
Dankies so much! :D
Novvcia's avatar
That's sooo cute :D
Just like a brothers! xd
FrauV8's avatar
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