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Verdant Suite. UPDATED

Verdant Suite for GTK and Emerald Window Decorator.
For questions on installing refer to my FAQ: [link] .

It was originally inspired by lokheed's tempura and cobble themes, so be sure to check out lokheed's gallery: [link]
The Bubble substyle was inspired by
:iconswayso:'s concept theme: [link]
and :iconkikirolee:'s screenshot: [link]
and :iconnovoo:'s sona suite: [link]

If you like it, fav it. If you don't... erm... don't. Comments are also appreciated.
This suite is fully opensource. You can mod, post screenshots, and redistribute it however you like. Enjoy!

Fri August 29th: Fixed bugs with the Bubble Verdant Orange GTK. Please re-download :)
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Hey, esta suite se me paso, ya la agregue a :+fav: :P

Gracias chango ;)
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Just as I expected - it's awesome. The only thing it lacks is a good metacity theme but that's something that can be added in the future ;). Great work, congrats :).
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Excellent !! I was waiting for it !!
Thanx a lot for your good work !
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I'm a happy man. :>
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Haha thanks! :D
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hehe ~ I was waiting for this !
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Haha, you're welcome :D
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Good job! :clap: :#1: I really like it, hope I can get back my Ubuntu soon :(
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great work! awesome! :clap:
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This is great! If you happen to find the time, an OpenBox version of the window border, it would be greatly appreciated. I may just make a port myself, though...
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I think [link] is already working on a port for openbox.
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So it would seem...

I guess I don't really care about the source so much as the finished project. :)
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really sweet. good job.
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Thanks a lot! :D
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very very hot! i hope you dont mind me asking, but what font is that in the shot?
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Corbel, it's a windows vista font.
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oh yes and one thing: is there a way to edit the gtkrc so that the nautilus sidebar places items are not so far apart vertically?
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Finaly dude! ;)
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