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Powered Icon Theme

Port of powered icon theme by Susumu Yoshida, as well as other miscellaneous icons found on the web included as fillers.
Extract the tar.gz file to your usr/share/icons directory so both normal and root applications take advantage of the theme.

1/28/08 - Updated the file. It is a lot more complete than before.
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Nice Icon Theme.
leonardomdq's avatar
Que buenos iconos, ya los mande a :+fav:

Gracias Franco ;)
S3R0's avatar
hey man i love that gtk and icon theme combination and ur style. have u released yet that gtk-theme? D:
AK7000's avatar
Hey, love the icon set.
what GTK theme are you using?
AK7000's avatar
whoops! sorry, sombody else already asked.
barmin's avatar
How can I have this GTK Theme? I've got the Aurora Leopard one, but I don't like the blue scroll-bars. I'd love to use this one, though!

Hope you can help me!
solidslash's avatar
It may be pointless to ask since this shot is quite old.. but do you still have that brilliant gtk theme, fratrip?
Thanks for the wonderful icon theme.

BTW, what gtk theme are you using in the screenhot.
jlizanab's avatar
please say me the name of emerald or metacity theme used in the screenshot!!!

thanks (excuseme for my bad english)
choushomaru's avatar
Hi hi! Sorry for being a Late Larry, but I looked through the theme and couldn't find the bomber guy in there. I was wondering if there was anyway you could share that one and possibly any other Nintendo ones you have.

Love the wallpaper, too. thanks so much for sharing
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Hey man this is cool... how did you edit Gtk like that? I am making a mockup for the new version of Ubuntu, and its exactly the way you have your nautilus set up.
golimpio's avatar
Very nice.
Please, what is the gtk theme that you are using ?
fratrip's avatar
Thank you. It's a theme I made myself using a couple of different things from other themes but I haven't released it yet.
golimpio's avatar
I really like your theme, if you have time, please release it. Did you use the aurora engine ?
fratrip's avatar
Thanks man, i might release it just for you ;P
sinedrock's avatar
style perfect man
wall good
fratrip's avatar
Thanks so much, man!
taling-hallenthur's avatar
OMG this port gave me an orgasm! :jackdirt: :+fav:

Now all we need is a CoverSutra clone for GNOME.
fratrip's avatar
Rofl. You know... funny you mention it because i actually ported some coversutra skins to screenlets :D . I'm surprised you didn't see'em in my gallery, check here : [link] and also here : [link]
taling-hallenthur's avatar
I know you made these screenlets but I kinda forgot about them :D. Even though I'd like to see a native app based on gtk+ and cairo :).
fratrip's avatar
Well all coversutra is really just a controller for itunes. It lets you pause/play/ see the coverart/song duration and rating. Screenlets does pretty much the same thing, the only thing that's missing is song ratings, as far as i know.
taling-hallenthur's avatar
I know what coversutra is :D. I just think it would be nicer to have something like that without the entire screenlet thingy running in the background :).
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