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WIP - Ultimate Dr. Who Desktop (youtube link)

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catscan of the alien


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happy birthday Klytia70


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got time wallpaper

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morphing box


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blacksmith shop


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My Top Ten Favorite Linux Apps

My Favorite Linux Apps and Add-ons Here are a few items that I normally install on any Linux Computer I use... 1) Compiz... This Comnpositing Window manager gives you so many cool effects and ways to tweak your system that I feel lost without it. While it is only suitable for fairly recent hardware, and works best with a good graphics card with a fast GPU and lots of dedicated RAM, once you meet those requirements, there's nothing else like it. It can be tricky to set it up, but there is a wealth of information online for nearly every distribution of Linux and how to install Compiz and get it working (assuming your distro didn't come with i


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Welcome to Planet Bob

Planet Bob

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Screenshot from 2013-11-06 21:56:25

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Blue Horizons w-Lexa Doig

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latest project: clock


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random class M

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sky 12 BG stock

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fractal stock MB0015

fractal stock

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the art of paper folding

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uncertain construction

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shiny fin thing

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Entrance to the Cavern of the Night Stills


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Borg Stargate from SecondLife


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