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Using Positional Lights w Volumetric Light in MB3D

Ok, I did this because I have found that while the other tutorials for Volumtric Lighting in MB3D are great, and absolutely necessary, they do not cover positional lights in any specific way, and I'd ended up explaining to one of my friends most of this in a less intelligible style via messages... so I felt that arranging it all in a more concise fashion might help some people who may have had trouble with Volumetric Positional Lights.

I do not claim to have all the answers, nor evewn that any of this info will actually work for you... every render is different, we all have a different style and a different way of working, and every fractal has it's own quirks!

As stated REPEATEDLY in the tut, you MUST already understand the basics of Volumetric Light to make use of the V Light portions of this tutorial... please see

[link] by :iconbib993:


[link] by :iconhaltenny:

for the basics about how to use V Light... I really can't stress this enough, you almost have to understand what these two show before trying to use my tutorial!

Also, for those just starting in MB3D, or anyone who is lost on things like setting dispaly vs. render sizes... Hal's first three MB3D tutorials are essentials too...

[link] and [link] and [link]

will help you with all the basics of using MB3D

I do hope this helps someone... feel free to download it if you want to study it in more depth.
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1000 thanks 4 sharing, great Master! I'll try to understand this... :D