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Puppy do a big roar

no short story for this one. im tired and i think the pic speaks for itself, sapata ROARS at the manifestation of the soul pool

  • 9) Your tokota is nearing the end of their quest to dominance and they make a final stop to visit an elder shaman or elder tokota (any of the original starters.) They are instructed to make a journey to the cave where the spiritual waters of the Soul Pool can be found, where Aippaq is said to have taken its first breath. Drinking from the waters will reveal the animal most closely to their soul, the bear.

  • Optional: +10 for somehow including a depiction of your tokota's soul animal, full body (50%) or worked into the scenery/theme.
  • Optional: +10 for accurate setting. You can read more about the various areas of Tokotna here.
  • Optional: +10 for including a handler, starter or lore figure.
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