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Hey there! You can call me Frat or Jojo!



- Get all my tokotas to dom >: 3!!

- Secure some succulent soul pool water

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Big scream

Sire: Winterfall 41339

Owner approval: (remove or leave blank if you are the owner)

Sire's Hereditary Mutations/Traits/Breeding Companions:

- Curled Tail


- Cleverness

- Diver

- Hardy

- Lucky

- Snow White

- Superstar




Dam: Borea 41062

Owner approval: (remove or leave blank if you are the owner)

Dam's Hereditary Mutations/Traits/Breeding Companions:

- Bob Tail


- Diver

- Fisher

- Hunter

- Impeccable Stamina II

- Swift Feet II


Litter specifications: -

Faction: KS

Is inbreeding present?: No

Roll if injuries present?: No

Are you using a Passionate I/II Trait? No


Supplementary items: Fertility supplements

- Proof of Items: FRATARPG BANK


Tribe Rare Mane Bonus: HEIMUNDR


Link to Breeding Image/Lit/Inukshuk Talisman (if any): -

Previous Attempt Comment:

Import Sheet: Linus 34784

Soul Animal: Kingfisher

Rites of Dominance:

Prompt 5

BONUS: Handler, Canon local (Tokota Research center), Soul animal [Kingfisher in plush form]

Prompt 7

BONUS: Handler, Canon local (Iluq forest), Soul animal [Kingfisher sitting in the old gum tree]

Prompt 1

BONUS: Canon local (Aqtuquaq Forest (the river)), Soul animal [Kingfisher], 600 word story

Link to Tokotna Bank: FRATARPG BANK

Updated Import Image (.png): LINUS UPDATE

Choice Companion: Common

Average to Dominant HP Confirmation: Confirmation

Previous Rites Comment:

Import: Borea 41062

Nicknames: -

Build: Tokota


Infertile: No

Inbred: No

Roll if injuries present?: No


ROM Trait and Class: Courage - Speed fishing

Prey/Livestock: Chubs

Faction: KS


ROM + Bonuses: ROM + Tartok foothills

ROF + Bonuses: ROF

ROA + Bonuses: ROA


Traits/Companions/Items/Totems: -

Proof of items: -