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Just a lil update of sorts, since I am sick of looking at the outdated entry.

I haven't been working on much art lately. My muse for that has been pretty flighty. But all is not lost! I have still been working on things, of the literary variety. I finally started work on my book, and a few other short stories. It feels good to finally get it going. I have been tempted a few times to draw some concept art for my book, but I don't want to force myself into one particular design for the characters. I would rather the reader identify with them, rather than have the flowery and specific descriptions.

I drastically cut my WoW time back. I realized it was unhealthy the amount of time I spent 'living' in that world. Plus, that game is a huge creative energy black hole.

A couple of my friends have been suggesting to me to start taking commissions to help supplement my income. I haven't done commissions in a very long time, so I am not sure anyone even wants my art anymore, let alone would pay money for it. Ah well, something to consider for the future, though. :)

Hope everyone's having a great new year! <3
Welcome to mah very plain DA gallery. :B

I uhh ... don't do much art anymore. Just don't have the inspiration or motivation. Its hard when you're being oppressed by THE MAN! *raises fist*

I do squeeze some out once in a while though, so the well's not completely dry. I should update soon if I can manage to get my computer to load photoshop.

Lessee... this is a journal, so I suppose I will update on what I have been up to. I quit Gaia, because I am sick and tired of the childish bullshit and petty drama. Its rough ... on Gaia. Like whoa.
Okay, so technically I didn't quit all together. I still like playing dress up with my avatar too much. ;_;

My new addiction, going on ... two years now, is World of Warcraft. Did I say addiction? That might be a tishbit of an understatement. I play on RP Realm Kirin Tor. I has dr00d that is 4heelz. (Khani, if you ever wanna look me up, or say hi, or call me a big nerd cuz I play too much, or something.)

(this message brought to you by: caffeine! And please, read responsibly!)
I have severly neglected this gallery...not really sure why, besides that it takes forever and a day for the friggen pages to load. I have been doing a lot of Gaia art lately, instead of commissions and real CGI, and keeping busy with that for now. I am going to try to upload all of those within the next few days.
1k hits coming up FAST! I wasn't planning on it happening so quick, but if you get it, send a screen cap, and small description of a chibi you'd like from me. ^_~

I am moving to Colorado, so it might be a while before I draw it tho. ^^;

I actually haven't forgotten about this gallery. I actually DO visit DA a couple times a day and see what kind of rad stuff my friends are posting. I DON'T however comment. I suck. I love all the stuff you guys are doing, I really do. I'm just a bitter, jealous old lady tho. My art juice has somehow been sucked dry and I can't produce anything.

Seriously tho, I just haven't had time. I can't be on the pc much during the day because of the heat. And I've been helping Josh with work at his warehouse (freezer work oi @_@).

I am /trying/ to do art so I can update, but its just hard lately.

Thank you everyone that comments. I really appreciate your taking the time to compliment and critique my work. I luff you!
I have had some of my faith in humanity restored a little bit more today. I feel good. (despite my tooth still hurting). lol
You KNOW you've won the argument when the other person says, "whatever."


(yes, I know, I put this in my lj, too.)
Its funny ... I made a comment to a certain person about how copying is wrong and she should do her own work. I wasn't judging her, I was just saying how it could potentially get her kicked out of art school, or worse, sued. It was ADVICE. So her little cronies come to my journal, and comment on my FANART pic of Rydia's Gaia av (The andriod girl) about how I shouldn't rip off terminator and I should do my own work. How funny is that? LOL Fanart vs. original characters isn't even the issue.

My challenge to people who seemingly have a problem with people accusing them of copying: Do a live webcam show of your drawing process. Prove us all wrong.
Wow, its been a long time since I updated this gallery. Anyway, the reason is because the processor on my pc died. So I have been waiting all this time for a new pc. I have my laptop, but its a relic and impossible to do any art on. Having my pc down just totally took the wind from my sails, so I didn't have much desire to do a whole lot of art. However, I do have a few sketches and whatnots ready for inking.

I get my new pc on Tuesday, so I can start CGing again and working on the pieces that were forced to be put on hold.

Also, I started a LiveJournal for my WIPs, since I want to keep this gallery exclusively for my finished stuff.… here is my WIP gallery.

Thanks for all your support! *hug*
Well, for the most part, we're moved. There is still some stuff at the old apartment, and we need to clean it, but we're pretty well set up here. I doubt I will have time to comment on all the things that were posted in my absence. I am going to try to be more active and things posted here on out, will get comments, if I'm not overly busy at the time. (I have a nasty habit of looking at stuff when I don't have time to comment, and I end up not being able to go back, because I forget. ><)

Also, I'm in a weird art funk. I so badly want to do new stuff, but I feel like my art is severly lacking lately. = I have an inked drawing scanned of a chibi Sailormoon and Tukedo Kamen I may finish, but other than that, I have crap. I want dynamic, I want diversity...I want to just be able to draw the images from my mind without them looking like crap. ><

oi...anyway. I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day and fabulous weekend!
I'm in the process of moving. Sorry about being scarce. Once we're settled, I will start responding more, and commenting in more journals and galleries. Please forgive me! ^^;

Much love,
Wow! Thank you everyone!! I wasn't expecting near the reception I got! I feel so loved !!!

I am still poking around here trying to learn the ropes, and I get kinda busy or confused, so I hope no one minds that I comment so late. ^^;;

I am currently working on coloring one of Syd's pics, so I will go and try to comment on some of your work later on today when I am done! Y'all are awshum!!!
I will comment and reply to comments more tomorrow. I tried all day today and they wouldn't show up.
I also am going to try to add one or two older pieces each day to try to get more stuff into my gallery until I can finish newer stuff.
Thanks for all your love and support! *mwa*