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Exeggutor and Golbat

By Frario
Original Submission Date: June 28th 2009
I always found the old red/blue exeggutor sprites so creepy.
I wanted to redraw him in what you can call HD, in terms of these days.
Then there was Golbat, who creeped ya out too, since he wasn't common yet back in the days. One of the rare appearances with a toung.

The Exeggutor is better executed, I'd say. Maybe it's because Golbat looks so simple.
Anyways, enjoy, I don't do much, so enjoy looking at "Creepy-Ass Nostalgia"

That's right.

I haven't found any other creepy sprites from the first pokémon games. I liked shading these.
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RenegadeSpirit's avatar
You art was a real and true fanatic art!!!
epicdude495's avatar
Nightmare Fuel.
Kimi-No-Tame-Ni's avatar
Exeggcutor and Golbats rape face..
GameDude2's avatar
Thank God I grew up with the Yellow Version! :iconsweatdropplz:
BOOXMOWO's avatar
Don't you mean "The Exeggutor is better EXEGGCUTED"?
SapphireStorm97's avatar
Heh...Exeggutor...executed...hurhur lD But yeah, Exeggutor's like "DUUR HUUR " and Golbat's like "BLAAAASSDFGFFDDFD" <XD
Are there others like these?
Frario's avatar
It's a common internet thing to redraw old sprites. I haven't made any other ones though
TheMugenGuy's avatar
This Golbat looks better than the modern Golbat.
Frario's avatar
If they would go back to this design, it would scare the children away
TheMugenGuy's avatar
I'm just saying the design looked better. Now if they did change it back, it's possible that could happen.
marcusthehuman's avatar
I dunno man, that first one looks familiar.
Frario's avatar
Oh god, that made me snicker. Nice one man
marcusthehuman's avatar
Nice drawing, man. I really enjoyed it.
Acorn83's avatar
Oh yeah? Venusaur looks like a bunch of shit from his trainers POV, how's that for creepy?
GigaysTheManly's avatar
Wonderful! Just wonderful. And if you thought those sprites were creepy, look at all the Green (JP) ones!! 0.o
Frario's avatar
Mew looks creepy in Pkmn Green. I'm looking for the creepiest ones so i could make a second one of these.
GigaysTheManly's avatar
Pkmn Green :
Primape, Vileplume, Farfetch'd, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Mew
(These aren't creepy, just.. weird??)

Red/Blue :
Haunter (More Scary than Creepy 0.o)

But none will be as weird as Exeggutor and Golbat hahah XD
Happyfacespidergirl's avatar
Imagine waking up with those pokemon in morning.
MugoUrth's avatar
I'd kind of like to see more of these from you. These are cool.

How long did these take to do?
Frario's avatar
Not that long, that's why i might do some more. But I just don't know which ones
MugoUrth's avatar
Well, I would do the ones that scare me the most. Wigglytuff's Red/Blue sprite used to give me nightmares as a kid.

In all honesty, I don't know which you should do. You decide.
Frario's avatar
That's an interesting one, :P
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