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[CE] Shadow Dawn

For the first time in decades, the streets of the underground city bustled with uncharacteristic vigor.
Trapped deep in the bowels of the earth where the deadly rays of the scorching sun could not touch them,
the inhabitants gathered around in large crowds to witness the countdown to the phenomenal event that only happened once every moon cycle.
(Shadow Dawn by Windmeister8)

Contest entry for Awareness of the Arts: Hidden Light

This is the accompanying piece for WindMeister8 contest entry
You can read the full story here: Shadow Dawn

This piece was real challenging for me but I'm glad I was able to finish it.
It reminds me so much of my first collaborative contest entry with wind
which also featured the moon, some mysterious silhouettes and a starry sky!

Feedback is very much appreciated! Feel free to visit my gallery and my other social media accounts!
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Thank you! wow this was so long ago :D

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Very lovely details and colours.
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thank you so much!!
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You are very welcome. :)
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7d3b18b3f49700ba941bfe4b97d65f60 by AStoKo super nice 
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thank you so much :D love the cute cat!
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So Pretty!!! 0w0~
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thank you! 
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Welcome! ^w^~
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That is really good, that night sky is gorgeous.
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thank you!! ^^
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Such beauty and lighting! The entire piece feels bigger than itself. Bravo my dear. BRAVO!:clap:
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Thank you so much! I'm glad that you believe it is bigger than itself :D
I honestly didn't expect people would like this
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Of course people would like it! It's wonderful!
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This piece is truly stunning! Just wow, you did an amazing work on the starry sky, I can't stop looking at it, it's just soo beautiful! <3 I also love how you drew both characters, great job Frappe! :3
I just read Windy's piece, your pieces work so beautifully together, I wish you both the best of luck for the contest! ;)
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Thank you for checking this out, weemy! Haven't seen you post new stories in a while though, you must have been real busy

XD if only we get to see more starry skies like this in real life, but we are too busy keeping ourselves at home and facing our screens
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No problem Frappe! :3
Yep I've been very busy, I don't have time to write unfortunately :/
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Hopefully you will have some more down time so you can relax and write again! ^^
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I think you really did an amazing job on this. It seems like something from a movie poster for an epic love/adventure story. The colors are beautifully done and I love the use of the silhouettes against the night sky looming above the tiny figures holding hands. 

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Thank you so much! Oh, a movie poster? XD I didn't think of that till now!
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