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Bravestarr: Fort Kerium - Final


With the 3D and basic lighting in place, a lot of fun with the line drawing ensued to demonstrate to the students the importance of fundamentals in perspective if you can’t go through and model every single bit of a complex environment like this.

For more concepts and higher resolutions: 

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Again glad to see Bravestarr get some respect, tragically never had any of the toys.

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Yeah, me neither :( Lego always won when my parents forced me to choose ;)

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Stunning work! I love all the intricate details!

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Thanks :) Glad you like it.

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Ah man, I loved that cartoon as a kid. This got the old intro lyrics ging through my head.

Amazing job!

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Yes, but it is remarkable how much less cringeworthy one remembers the entertainment of one's childhood :D

Baron-Klatz's avatar

Good ol' brain tuning out the worst bits or putting a shiny coat of nostagia on them. xD

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Considering how over saturated modern entertainment has become with miserable, badly written, edgy shows trying too hard to be taken seriously. Crude, Irreverent, parody's badly deconstructing genres they have superfluous understanding of, for cheep laughs.

While a bunch of pretentious post-modernistic viewer hurl praises at them for every low blow they strike against past generations. As mindless, pop-culture spewing, insufferable, substanceless animations, keep kids enraptured in what amounts to shaking keys on the screen.

Some harmless over the top fun, with larger-than-life memorable characters, with well meaning positive messages and actually well written wit, that occasionally dips into more serious topics that sticks with you due to grandeur and tact they approach it with. As well as how rare such things where seen. Is more preferred and appreciated.

At least to my taste. Fantasical and substance will always be better quality, then gritty and cheap. Nostalgia or not.

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Very much agreed there. Too much of modern entertainment has been watered down in order to either preach or purely push sales (Cartoon network & Nickelodeon unashamedly embrace this every day with cheap stock to make merchandise while killing off shows with potential)

The charm and fun of the golden age will always be classics.

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