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This is a character reference sheet for :iconjackhologram: 's project.

Character belongs to him.

5 hours of work
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very nice, once the other model his done, this guy is next.
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Ok. I really enjoyed this character. Can't wait to see this one in 3d as well.
May I know how many others are working on the project? Thanks.
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3 modelers and texture artist, me ( i am the head animator. 2 script writers, who are converting the script into a movie. We also have a friend who has a small render farm who will render the animation in commercial standards.


this is the contest we want to send the animation to

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Is there a due date? I don't want you guys to miss out on submitting it.
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we are not submitting it this year, but next year. we are more working on quality of the story and of the animation