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Wahweap Whoopie-Diabloceratops eatoni

With winter and spring monsoonal rains in ancient Utah comes the ancient ritual of fighting for mates and carrying on the genes to the next generation. Unaware that 79 million years later, their bony remains will still speak of this eternal ritual, a pair of Diabloceratops prepare to add to the gene pool and contribute to the ongoing evolution of their horny kind.
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horny in more ways than one!!!!
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Welp, they had to make little devils some way or another. 
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this made me think... can you imagine how long dinosaur penises must have been? XD
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dinosaur porn lol XD:D:D
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Love is a beautiful thing.
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Mating non-avialan dinos are always an exercise in perspective and anatomical constraints. This one looks morphologically believable, and thankfully doesn't follow some of the drawings trying to do the same (dromaeosaurs having sex with joyful expressions tacked onto their fairly unmuscled faces, I'm looking at you).
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Many thanks. I'm intigued by the enraptured raptors you describe. Is that a piece someone's actually done?
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Can't remember who did this, but I definitely stumbled across stuff like that.
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Cretaceous "Discovery Channel" moment...
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I'm not sure that is how it worked.
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What do you think how they reproduced? Mitosis?
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Ha ha ha! No. I think the male had an extendable tool, and just needed to stand behind the female for mating to be accomplished.
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Like bulls and rhinos and elephants? They still need to mount. And their tools are extremely extendable.
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Hey I didn't say I was an expert on this. Besides, it may work like that for most of the plant eating dinosaurs. While most of the meat eaters may have mated in a way similar to cats. And the Sauropods may have mated, instead mounting, back to back with-out mounting.
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As long as they called the next day, it's all good.
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Mating behaveour is still a too little documented part of paleoart.

also: "horny" dinosaurs!
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I agree! Thanks for the comment!
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Poor guy in the background, filled with envy for the lucky couple and utter loneliness... I know that feeling bro ;)
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Any living male organism on the planet knows that feeling :)
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The pleasures of the flesh.....something we can all relate to, be you animal or human.
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