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Sciurumimus Skeleton



Skeletal reconstruction of the newly described juvenile megalosaurid Sciurumimus from the Solnhofen limestone of Bavaria. Most life restorations depict a full, bushy tail, small head, longish legs, and stocky body, but the actual specimen shows the longest fibers are restricted to the anterior portion of the tail, the head is enormous, the legs short, and the body very shallow and slender, in keeping with its juvenile morphology. He's cute. The scale bar here is 50 cm.
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May i make a prediction?
It will turn out this guy is a baby compsognathid (not because i'm opposed to feathered megalosaurs, far from it, but because this guy, especially in the skull department, is too much reminiscent of good ol' Juravenator ;)).

Awesome skeletal, though i'd guess he/she was also quite fluffy on his/her body... Sort of like a sparrow with a long tail and teeth!