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Pantodont skeletal reconstructions updated

Shown here to the same scale are: Tiffanian Titanoides primaevus, Clarkforkian faberi, and Wasatchian Coryphodon radians. Pantodonts were a diverse group of large mammals that evolved in the early Paleocene and lived until the Oligocene. The animals illustrated here were probably herbivore and omnivores like pigs, bears, and hippos. Note that Titanoides is updated to match the skull represented by the hook type—Yale Peabody Museum specimen VPPU.016490.
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I don t know why such adaptable non-placental eutherian mammals died out ,since they seemed to eat anything just like a pig or small raccoon.Many state that non placentals cant develop hoof like toes,when in reality Coryphodon was about to do it...

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They’re placentals.

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A little small maybe :P 
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Scaled from the original specimens

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I mean the file ;)
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Apologies to you! As you know, it’s sometimes difficult to determine the intent of words on a page. Indeed, the image file is a bit small. I owe you a beer!

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He means the image is too small
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Ah. Well, each skeleton is presented on its own in my gallery at a larger scale For your viewing pleasure.

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