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Legendary Gojira (Godzilla) Skeleton

This is a preliminary skeletal reconstruction of the new Gojira based on available toys, models, and photos. Little is known about the history of this beast-god except that the US military apparently knew about it and tried to kill it in the 1950s with hydrogen bombs. Dr. Serizawa indicates that it is an ancient animal, possibly older than the dinosaurs and maybe know from some fossil remains. Evolving at a time when the radiation levels on Earth surface were much higher than today, this monster lives at the bottom of the ocean now closer to volcanic vents and elevated levels of radiation. Attempts to kill it with hydrogen bombs in 1954 were unsuccessful and the creature went into hibernation after a full-on nuclear attack by the US government. Its existence remained top secret until a series of Earth changing events led to its rapage in 2014. Legends about the creature's attacks led to creation of the famous Gojira (Godzilla) movies from Japan and its general acceptance as a myth and fantasy by the general populace. All that changed when the creature made its appearance in the western hemisphere early in the 21st century. I'll update this restoration as better images become available, but for now, thanks for looking.
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May 8, 2014, 6:14:44 PM
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Godzilla 2014,1998,1954 Skeletal Diagram A

Cool. Here's one you might like.

zilla87's avatar
I like it are u going to make a version of the kotm godzilla
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In general terms it looks very good. The bones are thick to hold and the skeleton looks like a real creature. I just think that the first cervical vertebrae are too thin.
mark0731's avatar
Seems like this was made before the 2014 film was released. It needs a bit of update. Here's an accurate side view of a toy based on scans from the film:… Also, it should be 108.2 meters tall.
Beto1207's avatar
I like so much your model. The feets like sauropod or tortoise to suport it's weight looks really plausible. Only as constructive criticism, the first cervical vertebrae were very thin.
Evodolka's avatar
looks great
do you plan on doing shin godzilla?
i feel like that would be an interesting skeleton to say the least :D
Franz-Josef73's avatar
I started one and never finished it. Perhaps I should.
Evodolka's avatar
go ahead that would be awesome to see :D
123456789JD's avatar
That is a BIG gecko....   8[
DinoLover09's avatar
Are you going to make ones for Legendary Kong and Skull Crawlers? How about one from the Triceratops skull in the movie?
MagaraME's avatar
Do you plan on making one of these for Shin Godzilla?
Franz-Josef73's avatar
One's been in the works, but I haven't had the time to finish it.
Cosmicmoonshine's avatar
Can't wait to see it.
Yu-Gi-Nos's avatar
Sweet, I love it!
aGentlemanScientist's avatar
Awesome job! Could I use this in a Youtube video? I promise I will give you credit and a link to your deviantart page in the description.
aiman5625's avatar
Well your here
Franz-Josef73's avatar
Sure. No problem. Thanks for asking!
aGentlemanScientist's avatar
Awesome! Thanks for responding! I'll send you a link to the video when it comes out ;)
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