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Julieraptor (Saurornitholestes?) Skeleton



Digital skeletal rendering of the undescribed "Julieraptor," which looks like a slightly larger (~35%) version of Bambiraptor and was also found in northern Montana. Differences include the shape of the ilium, pubis, and apparently some aspects of the hands and feet. Otherwise, the two are very similar. This image is based on photos of the original specimen and cast replica kindly provided by the Black Hills Institute. A full cast is also on display in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The vertebral column and appendicular skeleton are almost complete. The braincase and parts of the rear of the skull are known, but the tooth-bearing portions are missing. Missing parts are restored in grey (mirrored parts from opposite limbs are used to fill in the legs).
This specimen was the center of controversy and you can find the whole sordid tale online. It's from the Campanian Judith River Formation and might represent a juvenile Saurornitholestes and/or a more mature Bambiraptor. I'lve updated this skeleton (and will do likewise with all my others) as new information is published or otherwise made available.
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That skeletal looks lovely!!! I always love it when people put feathers on the skeletal (Really helps get a feel of the volume). Anyway, were did you get the information on this specimen? Unnamed and nude named taxa tend to be really difficult to find information for online.