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Ausso (Auzzo) One, Abductor of Carl Higdon, 1974

Location  Wyoming, USA
This is a colorized version of a sketch I did a couple of years ago.
On October 25, 1974, 41 year old Carl Higdon decided to go elk hunting when his employee at the oil field called in sick. After talking to some hunters who’s van had broken down, he decided to check out the Medicine Bow National Forest west of Saratoga, Wyoming. Locating a group of 5 elk and firing at one, he noticed his bullet falling slowly to the ground. Puzzled, he was startled to see this being approaching and asking how he was doing. Calling itself “Auzzo One,” the strange being floated, offered Carl and food pill, and was described as over 6’ tall, chinless, with spiky hair, antennae-like features, with three large teeth, small eyes, no ears, no hands, but a spike on its right arm, and wearing a wetsuit with a belt and crossed straps across its chest. After some small talk and a visit to another world, Carl was dropped off near his relocated truck in need of rescue. Disoriented and scared, he radioed for help and was soon joined by authorities and his wife. The only proof of his encounter was a spent bullet that looks like it went through a hard object, and x-rays showing that the scars on his lungs from tuberculosis he had 20 years prior had vanished. Tests showed no drugs in his system. One of the weirdest stories to come out of Wyoming!
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