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Gochiusa - telegram stickers set



--- 2015-08-17

the set has been submitted as renderpack -> Gochiusa - Render Pack

--- original

This a sticker set of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?.

Stickers set link:……

All pictures are form Gochiusa TV and PV snapshots.

cowok with MikaAsagi, thanks a lot for his great rendering !

Enjoy with the stickers ~

Later I'll upload original size png as a render pack.

Why not now ? Because...

When I'm resizing the pictures to fit 512×512px size for telegram,

I forgot to make a backup for original picture.

I typed mogrify -resize 512x512\> -format png *.png and hit enter key with excited mind.

It resized inplace on the picture and now all pictures are <= 512px size...Chino Impressed Icon

Now I had to use the scaled picture as transparency mask, add on original unrendered snapshot, and rerender out the original size...

It may take days to be finished, and I have to back on my homeworks and exams...

TIL : Before a batch operation, DO BACKUP FIRST !!!!!! Chino Surprised Icon 
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So cute,thanks for your work. You may need a time-machine or using git?