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Practically a series. I've done a bunch of library pics and as it is almost Halloween, this fits in nicely with the season's mood. 
Much more on Patreon (and completely uncensored at that):…
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Wrong corner of Wonderers Library.

Another boring day in the library?

No. We find ways to have fun.

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There are no boring days in this library :D

Love this. Like sexy librarian type girls in tight blouses, skirts and heels

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They have a hard job, good thing she has hands for extra help

I enjoy all of your library themed art very much. Well done!

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In ages of Halloween, librarians are never safe from the demons who inhabit the fantasies from the books. She better watch out at the end of this month. ;)

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I would go for the 'adult' books, please

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Appropriately I notice she's in the Fantasy section...

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♫Ah, ah, ah, ah libruried alive, libruried alive...♫

Just serves as a reminder that The Good Ol' Days

were just months ago

when pharmaceuticals houses weren't saving humankind,

the opioid epidemic was the bane of our existence,

the Bee Gees didn't look like a rash of Igor clones,

and social fistancing wasn't an addictive oxymoron.

people = political.

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Marvelous work! Mom's love for books was instill upon me with her collections of classics and other books that were rescued from the family over the years. Books from Black Beauty to Through the Looking Glass and even some of the Wizard of Oz, but also books about various histories and cultures too. A lot of Egyptology and Greek classical myths too. <3

She was tired of being respected for her mind. Fortunately, the creatures from the Dewey Decimal Dimension only wanted her body.

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Very nice and beautiful artwork! ❤️🕷️

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