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Yes, I am available for paid commissions.
There are some things you might want to consider before contacting me though;

I do custom artwork and that means I have to know what you want, how you would like it to look, how the character(s) should be and what the painting should depict. It's also important to know what will happen with my painting when it's done. Is it for publication or private use and what size and format would be preferred? Those are important details that influence the price.
I can't consider commissions without a full briefing by private note.

I am pretty versatile and good at what I do. I'm fast, efficient, discrete and reliable, but I am never cheap.
I will usually pass on commissions under 150 Euro (for line art) or 250 (for full colour) as nothing serious in my style can be done for fees like that, but to be honest; if you want something worthwhile and lasting it'll probably cost more.
Erotic art is frowned upon anyway and it won't get any better if I would do rush work just because the budget is not adequate.

Every job is different and I need to know how much time I would have to invest to make a sensible quote.
So, you have to brief me first.

I'm not limited to erotic art. I'll be happy to make you something else. As I am in advertising I can make almost anything believable. As long as the main subject is people. I doze off when I only have to make machines of any kind, buildings or landscapes.

Most commissions do not make it into my galleries. That is because they're either too personal and sensitive for the client or because it is too different for my portfolio. I'd like that to reflect my personal interests.
I have to consider that whatever I post anywhere might generate more similar commissions and I am careful not to wind up in scenes or get stuck on themes or subjects that are not mine. I don't mind to digress now and again thematically but all within limits as time is always of the essence.
If you understand all that feel free to note me or to email me via my official site with your proposal (indecent or otherwise :)). Commissions can't be discussed in the comments section.

Thank you


She's been doing this every evening for about a month now, our new neighbour. She might be a vampire (with the tanline as a camouflage) but I'd still like to ask her for a cup of sugar pose for me. Even though I've already painted her now :D 
Well, I've got a bigger audience on deviant art already but on Instagram it got there much quicker. I'm not about numbers at all but I certainly do appreciate the fact that not only I am interested in what I do and that many others get to see it through these media:) So, here's that 20 K image I posted as a celebration on Instagram for you as well. As these girls are the sloppiest painters ever I'll have to redo that wall once more but still, I like their efforts.  
Yes, sometimes I just have to paint someone. Usually they're no prudes or stuck up in any other way and Scarlet easily qualified. Took me a while but she loves it. Very nice and spectacularly gorgeous lady!… Spidey agrees. When he wakes up :D 
Looks like autumn outside so I'll quickly post this, before I have to do another summer beach scene.
Posted this weeks ago on Facebook and Instagram (leaves were conveniently blown over the bits they get all wound up over, what are the odds)
when we all thought all the warm weather had gone, but then it turned back to the better and this didn't make sense at all.
It does right now but it could change any moment :D  
Creepy Cheerleader
Hey, Halloween mood and no nudity here. I personally like to keep the blood and guts away from the nudity. That doesn't work for me. Well, vampires would be the exception. That I can find still sexy even with some blood drawn. However, others find this sexy anyway, as on instagram it seems to be doing better than most of my regular paintings. Ain't that disturbing?  
The Ring
Something that suits the season sort of. 
I censored it for Facebook and Instagram by having a strain of hair run over her boob and also by making some really long, sleek and black pubes but went for a panty as it looked like a black blob too much. I thought it was funny AF though but I of course knew already what it was. You have to look at it like a random untrained viewer would. Too bad that an idea doesn’t always work well in visual translation. 
Funny stories;
Last week I received two requests by note within the same hour on the same day. One was by the only lady in the western world not having any reasonable digital photographing device (camera, webcam or phone) who sent me photos from the 1970/80's and claimed they were recent. I don't mind working from vintage material but the requester should always be honest to me. I'm not that stupid. When you work with images all day you tend to get an eye for it. I told her what I thought and she blocked me immediately.
The other one was from someone I presumed being a transvestite or transgender who wanted me to paint him/her. Could have been a woman with some imagination.
The material in his/her gallery consisted only of pictures yanked from the internet without proper credits in which his/her head was edited in very poorly and it really did not look good in any way, shape or form.
I don't work with material like that and I don't work with trans-anything. Not because I judge but because it's outside my realm of interest and when I spend time on something I like to be interested.
I only wrote back that it would never happen and he/she still had to ask why not.

I get a lot of odd requests (even though I rarely do requests) but so far not back to back on the same day. Must have been full moon? I guess it's time to paint another werewolf :)



FransMensinkArtist's Profile Picture
Frans Mensink
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I am a freelancer, self employed, self taught illustrator for 25 years. Started in Heavy Metal Art (CD art, gag-comic in Aardschok magazine, posters and such) but leaned towards the erotic and fantasy always (sometimes in a combination of the two realms). I have a graphic novel trilogy published by about Kristina, Queen of Vampires (hardcore stuff), had erotic and mainstream gag-comics published in magazines, newspapers and have illustrated websites, books and stories.
I have done many storyboards and such (lay-outs, animatics) for ad agencies worldwide.

I photograph models often which has helped me with the lighting, expression and mood in my paintings and I always try to capture my models as sexy, elegant, intense, emotive and sensual beings more often than not.

Limited numbers of personally autographed posters are available at and a couple (not autographed) posters are available on Deviant Art. See the section above.
If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the section below first.
For much more art and information visit my website or other social media like Facebook, Instagram (both seriously censored of course because the moderators might be underaged) and Tumblr.


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I've learned that adjectives in Dutch each have a form that ends in "-e" and a form without an ending which is also the dictionary form. Whether one or the other form is used depends on the circumstance in grammar.

Most adjectives in the form ending in "-e" are formed in such form by just adding the "-e" to the dictionary form but some others have some kinds of modifications in their stems when "-e" is added.

The adjectives that end in "f" have the "f" replaced by "v",
the ones that end in "s" have the "s" changed to "z",
the ones which end in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel get that consonant doubled
and those that end in a single consonant preceded by a double vowel have the double vowel simplified to a single vowel.
Tell me if I'm right.

I felt like sharing my knowledge on Dutch grammar with a native speaker of the language like you.
FransMensinkArtist Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I've never been a grammar student and this is not the place to check your dutch grammar but I would say that you're correct
Gensdelarocide Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
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