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run-down HTTYD poster

i was gonna make a different one, not like this, but i just remembered my favorite game: left4dead, after a month of not playing cause of my super addiction to HTTYD...

So, i decided to make a fusion of L4D poster design incorporated to a HTTYD poster. These designs include scratch marks, grundge effects, darkened contrast, ripped pieces off the poster, etc.

So, synopsis of the poster (not real):
After the crackdown in Bangkok, I went to the sight to take some pictures and found myself facing the burned remains of a part of a mall. I scoured in the place to find some good shots until i found this lone poster of HTTYD lying among the ruins. Pretty awful to see, I tell you right now. What happened to them just struck me. Though I'm not a Thai, I know how they feel right now about their protest and the crackdown.

This is NOT a photo-GRAGH art, this IS a photo-SHOP art. Some of my friends, when I showed it to them, they thought it was a picture from a camera, because of the white outline around the poster making it look like it was laid on a table, a floor or hung on a wall.
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I saw it at IMAX and my heart stopped.
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Woot! I love the movie 8D
But aren't Tooths eyes green rather than blue?
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well, maybe since its the actual theatrical poster (which i just resized and added the needed effects to make it like... that), i guess you can expect some differences here from the movie.
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I love that game AND this movie!I have a bad addiction too. AWESOME poster btw! :D
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