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Aayla Twi Lek Lekku

Just my Aayla Lekku :)

The latex lekku are by Pam of Pam's Twileks, the paint job and leather strips etc are my own work :)


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OMG can i have a tutorial?
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That looks amazing!!!! you did such a great job!
I was wondering since you had experience with Pam's Twileks (I was looking at her site just now)
Does she actually take orders? And sell the headpiece? or do you have to know her?

WHAT IS IT LIKE!? is it light on your head or heavy? is it flexible or stiff? what kind of paint did you use?!
sorry I am excited, it just looks really good! how many layers did that take?
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Heya! :)

Thanks for the comments.

Pam does sell headpieces to the 'general public' - they were around $100 when I got mine +shipping. you can get the 'basic version' which is the hollow headpiece or the 'finished version' where Pam will finish all the mould lines and also fill the lekku with a spray-foam material.

You will need to paint them and make the leather headpiece etc.

The Lekku themselves are quite heavy and not rock solid, but not soft either. I can certainly feel it when I have been wearing them for a little while.

I have used Acrylic paint watered down in my airbrush. It took about 2 fine layers of the blue paint - allowing it to dry in between layers, and then a single layer of white spots applied randomly with white paint - again watered down. You need to look at the reference pics to get a good idea of how to make it look realistic :) there seem to be more spots on top and then less on the underside.

Good luck!! :)

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Thank you so much!!!
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Very lovely. You did an excellent job painting them to match the quality of her sculpt.
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A prop for a costume. Its a latex headpiece
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but a headpiece of who? [i hope im not bugging you on this question]
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Aayla Secura, she's a Jedi Master from the Prequel Star Wars films :)
L-gwasawn's avatar
:iconaaylasecuraplz: Ahhhh ok, thank you. Now I know.
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does Pam of Pam Twi'leks sell latex lekku???and if so would you know how muck they would be??? thank you ^_^
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As far as I know she still sells them. When I contacted her they were about $100. Just google her website and contact her through there :)

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cool thx ^_^ and are they hard or flexible??
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Sort of semi-hard-flexible. I wouldnt go as far as to say they are "soft", but they are not solid either.
You can't "drape" them around your shoulders or anything, they pretty much are static!
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cool thx very much fer the info ^_^
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A great set of lekku, well done!
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very well done.
i'm astounded. must have taken a lot of time to get it all done.
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Wow! Really good work. Must have been a lot of time to get this done.
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