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Susan Coffey - Black Mesh Vector

By frankwyte81
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Update: Here's the Youtube video showing my layers……
Created in Illustrator CS6 with gradient mesh tool, pen tool, blur tool (for the left shoulder) and a vector brush tool. No tormentors were used in the creation of this mesh. Approx. time around over 90 hours.

I've been gone for a while, I had internet connection problems and I'm glad to be back. But I had time, with no distractions, to continue improving on my photorealistic gradient mesh vectors. I always wanted to create this vector, but the way I use to create gradient mesh, I couldn't pull it off. But now, I'm working on complex/detailed gradient meshes. Now I can create gradient mesh pieces like this, the way they should be done. I also thanks to people in the community for pushing me to achieve the best results in my work. Big thanks to Phil, DA User name: AngstromAlliance, for creating awesome gradient mesh pieces and motivating me to get out of my gradient mesh hiatus.
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Ok, i can critique from an amateur point of view...
As for the background.. is that a wall? It sure feels like it should be a wall but texture is missing °3°
I love the face and it's an amazing work; all the time was worth it.
Lips and even the teeth are amazing... i like the way she looks and the way she looks at the viewer.
Freckles... ♥
And those nails look painted X3 not natural but either way, they are... so delicate and.. real. I'd say that's hard to achieve ;3;
I think the only thing I'd feel like it's missing something is the hair.
Maybe more shadows?
the nose also has something.. i don't know, i guess it's fine, but it's not as pointy as usual (similar works).
It's a great job... the one thing i've ever made using the mesh is a pikachu X_D
I'll take this to my favourites, if you don't mind <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
Please keep doing this?
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In regards to the wall, there would be no texture. If you look at the far shoulder, you see that it's blurry (due to focal length), i.e. the wall would be even blurrier.
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Yeh :3... it just feels empty, thou... XD (eff the wall, look at her!)
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just started using illustrator cs6.. all of my stuff has been created with PS cs6. the stuff you do with this mesh tool is insane. I have been checking your tuts in hopes of sometime , somewhere getting a handle on it. you have the patience of a saint
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Thanks for the kind words, but that patience has caused a few medical problems for me also. But I'll be back grinding soon enough, lol. As for your work, you'll get the handle on the mesh with time. Time will be your friend.
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well frank...... I do hope you will be feeling better soon. I do have a question real quick.......... you use the direct select white arrow to select the anchor to color....... when you switch to the eye drop tool do you click on the anchor or just beside it?????..................... I also see what you mean by using a big monitor. I am 58 and my eyes are not that great as it is......( too many years of welding )................. I guess I will have to get a new monitor to hook to the laptop huh?
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Thanks. Sometimes I click besides the anchor, but most I click on the anchor for the most accurate colors. A bigger monitor helps, it's easier on your eyes and it helps with seeing smaller details.
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i do thank you for all the insight. I love watching your vids even if sometimes just to see what color shirt you are wearing........... you crack me up. anyway I did a portion of a face.... I still have problems doing it the way you do as far as initially placing the facial mesh in on piece. it is just from the nose up... would like to show it to you and get some input from the master.
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Haha, that's funny, the master, thanks. But I'm a master of nothing, I'm still learning myself. About my shirt colors, I usually wear a dark color shirts when at home, but on my videos I try to wear different colors. Stick around, sometime in Nov. I will post my Man of Steel vector on here and I'll post a video also alongside it on Youtube. You can email me your progress at, can't wait to see it.
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I think its vexel art
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I think its vexel Art ,because its so realistic
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I know its vector because I created it.
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Your skills are scary :)
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From one vector artist to another, this hyper-realistic vector is SICKKKKKKK MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Lovin' it!!!!!!
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Thanks man for the compliment. Your work is pretty cool also.
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Dude, mesh tool is that one tool I have yet to master... This is soooooo inspiring man!!!
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Glad you like it. The mesh tool can work wonders, give it a try.
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Amazing work the tutorials!
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My pleasure my friend.
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With all my respect, i have a question : what is the interest of this?
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