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Excellent work! Thank you very much for doing and sharing!
Cara, "muito loko" esse pacote de ícones, nunca vi nada igual no linux.. parabéns pelo trabalho, de verdade!
That's a fantastic icon pack. I have never seen anything like that in Linux systems. Congrats for the job!!
Battery Icon is broken, Please help !!
Update: Battery Icon gets picked up from /status/64 when the display scaling factor is increased to anything beyond 1. It transforms to an ugly battery icon. Please fix this !!
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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They look great!
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Awesome work!
I just simply fall in love for every icon theme you make!
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Hello friend, I have a question for you: can you add icons for FCEUX (Nintendo Entretaiment System emulator) Minetest (Minecraft clone) VBA-M (Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator) Gens-GS (SEGA Genesis emulator) PCSXR PCSX (Sony PlayStation emulators) Armagetron advance Super tux Super tux kart Vivaldi (the Opera's spiritual succesor) Polari (the GNOME's new IRC client) and the GNOME games?

Icons FCEUX = fceux Minetest = minetest ArmagetronAD = armagetronad (hardcoded) Gens-GS gens-gs (hardcoded too) VBA-M = vbam PCSX and PCSXR = pcsx-icon and pcsxr-icon SuperTux = supertux (hardcoded I think) SuperTux kart = supertuxkart Vivaldi = vivaldi GNOME games: Swell foop = swell-hoop Hitori = hitori Lights off = lightsoff GNOME chess = gnome-chess and you can check the rest from the Numix circle's GitHub :)

Also I will love see on them the same Steam apps as on Numix, I know it is hard to cover but at least try it, SolydX has chosen you as they default icon theme so please try to cover the same icons as Numix, BTW I love evolvere
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It was discontinued this project ...?
When is the new version expected? :) Greets.
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Tema muito bonito. Fica ótimo nos docks. Sugiro inclusão de dois ícones: para os aplicativos Xiphos e BibleTime.
Can you make a Pale Moon browser icon in the next release? Pale Moon has become very popular with the new australis Firefox interface. I am using it. :D But also manu people in the Linux world.
could you add the adobe CS suite please ?
Hello! Please add the following icons: FreeBSD logo icon for start button, Tor Browser Bundle, GoldenDict (with tray dynamic icon), Seamonkey.

Thanks. Your suit is great)
Hey! I'm just back to try and request the qupzilla icon once more :) thanks :)
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I have 2 problems with my Evolvere icons:
In Qupzilla i don't have it and where to put the fallback variant folder? I use KDE. Is it to have it like on the picture i attached?
Thanks.....=P (Razz) 

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try to install "librsvg"
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Thanks..after re-install i was okay
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nuber one icon set out there!  thank you very much!
Hey frank. Now word from you in awhile. You still with us?
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Looks nice. Is a Gnome version planned?
thank you for this great icon theme!
i was asking me if ypu know the KDE's Visual Design Group who is redesigning the whole kde desktop experience, i was wonder if you want to participate on this, maybe to colaborate in the new icon theme called breeze. what do you think?
you can follow the group work here:…
Have you thought about doing some more colors? Icons are great, i use theme with every desktop theme, so it would be great if couple more colors like red would be added. Again great work. ;)
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