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Yoiks.. it must be painful to cough up letters the way Spike has to!
This is my first REAL vector, done in Inkscape. Was a bit fiddly, I'll have to admit, so you'll have to pardon any mistakes I might have made.
Credits: :iconkefkafloyd: brought us the color guides
:iconstinkehund: made the scroll vector - er, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use it or not.. it certainly looks like it, but... er... I'm sorry, I'm in rather a hurry, he'll have to warn me if I wasn't allowed!

MLP (c) Hasbro, Inc. No challenge to ownership!!!!!!!
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© 2011 - 2021 FrankRT
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can I please have this Spike vector without the firebreath and scroll?
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Unfortunately, that's not possible. I don't have the original file anymore.
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I remember old anecdote about Bill Gates - "oops! this is fax!" ;)
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Question. I'm trying to vector, and I'm guessing you used a template (screenshot) for the vector, but, how do you hide/remove the template? I'm trying to figure it out... :confused:

But, you did do a great job with the vector.
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The idea is to put the shot on the bottommost layer, and switch it on and off as necessary.
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Thanks! I hate to bother you again, but, How exactly do you color in vectors without using the fill bounded area's tool?
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Er... I'm not sure.. use the colour picker, I think.
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Nice belch, Spike
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Tired of taking forever to send letters?

Well grab our new :iconspikederpplz:!

Only $190,000,000,000 plus shipping and handling. ^^
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Another letter pops up. :)
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Seriously? After he belched up the letter in that episode, I looked at his face and I could've SWORN he had heart burn!
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Pretty damn good vector. ima borrow dis! :D
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Go ahead! Just be sure to credit me - not that you have to, but it'd be nice. ^^
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well im more of a pencil artist so any art i borrow.. technically doesnt quite look like the art i borrowed.. its just so i can get the body parts right...
but once im done with this drawing with Spike.. ill cred you! :D :iconbrohoofplz:
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