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AzPainter 212 English Version Download

By Frankqbe
AzPainter 212 Repack with English & Japanese Languages & Original Textures Folder

Windows Version [x86, x64]:…

Just Download, Extract and have Fun =)

Linux Version:…

Original Source [Jp]:…

Best Wishes

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I downloaded the file and for some reason it like. keeps dragging across the screen as if I were using the sidebars to scroll through the drawing when I try to draw a line sometimes?? idk how to describe it, but its rlly annoying and I would appreciate any tips on how to fix it!!

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One of the best free inking programs along with FireAlpaca (Medibang,JumpStudio). To bad its not being developed farther on windows only older versions exist as far as I can tell newest versions are only on linux.
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:0 do you have any textures on there?? Idk how to get ones that fit properly P.S thank you for sharing!

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it is so confusing. The brush keeps being like somewhere I am not pointing at. 
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file>preferences>tablet>mouse co-ordinates
hope this helps! (i had this exact same issue and it worked for me)
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you are a god thank u for my life

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Gonna save this comment! Thanks! Will try
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honestly if it didn't have such a small brush size cap this program wouldn't even be bad
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it would be great if this program wasnt riddled with 100000000000000000 problems
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is there a version that is mac compatible? 
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i'll try to use it. thank you!!
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Is this AZpainter 2?  or AZpainter1?
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thank you so much. I'm using this version now ^^
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nice...but mmm bary used azpainter...due to limitations that irk me
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