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March 23, 2018
ICONOCLAST by franknsteins
Featured by Gejda
Suggested by Lunarlueur
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my gratitude to Lunarlueur and Gejda for the honor. :heart:

thank you to everybody who has viewed, faved, or commented on this piece!! it means so much to me

"Now the sight of her gleaming body was a weapon too. 

Antiope kept it bare, unprotected, yet it didn't bear the wrinkle of a single visible scar.
The message to the Talori was clear: their enemy was too fast, too bright, too magnificent to be touched."

it's been forever since i did a manip, but i couldn't get this scene out of my head and i wanted to spoil Antiope a little.
this was for the prompt: Checkpoint 3.7  What is your blessing, and how do you utilize it?
so here she is teleporting into a crowd of Talori Guardians to ruin everybody's morning. 
i am really happy with this, and i hope you like it! thank you so much for viewing!!

some wips:
feather process gif
before and after 

shoutout to Desperish for being my crying shoulder and constant artistic consultant through this entire process.
i would not have finished this goddamn thing without you

SA | Antiope | Flight Primary | SHE/HER by franknsteins

STOCK USED: Sunrise_09_wolfworx_IMK77329Stock 09Dark horse 49, STOCK - Equitana 2013-422Andalusian Quick TurnDark horse stock 32Horse 112Horse 49Armored horse head 1Pack 149 Tarmon Gai'donArms and Armour stock 20Wings, Feathers.
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Amazing--looks like rainbow scales--great job!

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Thank you so much! 
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this looks awesome! love the lighting and details on this piece
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oh gosh! ; ; thank you very much!
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Very cool! I like those scales. Very creative :)
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omg! thank you very much!
meganhulan's avatar
love your work! stunning
Franknsteins's avatar
this is a generous compliment, thank you so much! :heart:
Damn this is amazing!!! I've missed your art so much <3
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this is so nice of you thank you!!!
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this is so deserved and lovely and im so happy to see it finished!! those feathers absolutely kill me
Franknsteins's avatar
cries softly thank you so much ; ; 
xXNamaste's avatar
Holy fuckinggg ballllsss I can REALLY appreciate the extent of work in this and it is STUNNING! Truly you spoiled us all, not just Antiope!!! Marvelous. One of my all time faves <33
Franknsteins's avatar
ah man <3 thanks so much!
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I haven't deleted this from my stacks yet because I like to wake up to it and just be dazzled by how I can actually imagine magic pons exist because this shit looks real
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i just saw this wonderful comment like a year and a half later and it made me FEEL A WAY..... thank you so much ; ; 
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Great detail! Lovely colors~
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