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Monsters on a college

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Illustration for College Édouard-Montpetit's notebook art contest. Might or might not end up being next year's notebook front page picture!! Jubilation!!!
I recorded the whole 20-hour drawing process and shortened it to 9 short minutes here: [link]
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I'm from the future.
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I'mma get straight to the point, and whoever's already started to read this better finish and reply when ur done:
I am making a graphic novel about life on an art univerity campus, and i want U GUYS' help to help me kno what art college is really allll about! (because...obviously....idk 0_9)
I wanna kno EVERYTHING: student personalities, teachers, te assignments, the classrooms, whats IN the classrooms, doorms, OUTSIDE the campus, in the cafeteria, EVERY-SINGLE- THIIIING. I wanna kno EVERY. SIMGLE. DETAIL. & DON'T know- GUESS. I'll take WHATEVER u give me. and If you're too lazy 4 EVERY DETAIL (which i hope ur NOT), thn juz give me whatever you can "handle" as you type away in the comments.

Thnx SOO much, guys. PLLEEZ comment...4 least a lil ;3
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hehe so cool ^_^ xx
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That is a whole load of funky critters.
I love all the different expressions. : )
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This reminds me of a picture I did not to long ago for a project... Great Picture! I love the imagination and creativity!
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MAAAN, I love those monsters!
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Wow, c'est super! Tu vas encore à Édouard?
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thats a lot of eyeballs :meow:
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mind status
[X] blown
[_] not blown
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it's awesome, pal
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BRILLIANT !!!! seriously that is freaking amazing :D well done
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i really like it. :P
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Simply AMAZING :boogie:
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the coloring on the green spirally worm thins is awsome
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