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The dwarf cleared his throat. "Camptown laides sing their song, 'Do-da, do-da!' Camptown racetrack five miles long, all the do-da day!" A hush fell over the campsite and all eyes turned to him. He screwed up his face and glanced away sheepishly. "Well! The mood turned really somber all of a sudden, I figured somebody would be up for a round!"

"The only 'round' thing you should worry about is your round head as I kick it around like a ball should you ever do that again," the big lizardman growled, sharpening his claws on his dagger. The dwarf grimaced and scooted a bit further down the log and away from his menacing companion.

"Leave him alone," the dour young mage said with a sigh. "He's right, you all know it. The mood is incredibly sour. We've got a day's journey ahead of us, brigands all around us and one angry dragon hunting us. I'd say anything to lighten the mood should be welcome."

"I say should the brigands or dragon arrive we feed them the dwarf and disappear into the woods," the lizardman replied.

"Hey, yanno, I'm sick of your attitude!" the dwarf yelled, jumping up and raising his fists to the much, MUCH larger reptile. "I've put up with bullies all my life, I ain't taking none of your monkeyshines!"

"Yeah, what you gonna do about it, twerp?" the lizardman said, raising to his full seven foot stature.

"I don't know about HIM, but you back off or you'll answer to me!" the dark-skinned thief retorted, sending her blade flying mere inches from the lizard's face to embed neatly into the tree beside him, reverberating with a pleasing twang.

"Enough!" their blonde leader said, standing up and coming between them all. "Whether you like it or not, we're in this together. Now we all have to remember, if we don't hang together - we're sure to hang separately."

The dwarf snorted. "Gimme a pen and paper and write THAT down."

"I mean it," their leader said, sitting back down and igniting his magic bauble, lighting up his kind, youthful face. "We're on the quest of a lifetime, and there's no place for bickering. Where we go one, we go all, and that means to the ends of the earth."

"Hear, hear!" the mage agreed and the thief collected her dagger, nodding to the lizardman who only shrugged and resumed sharpening his claws.

The dwarf glanced around furtively and took a deep breath. "Row row row your boat gently down the stream!"

Everyone groaned.

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Wonderful text! thanks! this gave even more life to the illustration!

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This is amazing XD I love the details

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Thank you so much,AnyamR! :hug:

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Thank you so much!

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