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Uncharted Waters 01

Uncharted Waters

Practice piece to render fantasy landscape. I'm planning on taking this one further when i get the chance. Hope to find time to redevelop my style for landscapes since i've now came back to it, and i'd hate to be still doing the same thing.

so this is a warning to myself. yea.
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Awesome paint work :D
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I REALLY wish this was in my backyard......Jawdrop 
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I saw this piece of art and thought it would be perfect for a contest I’m working on right now.

I’m looking after Sony at Gamescom 2012 and am running a competition to find art inspired by games.

If you send through your work it could be printed on canvas and showcased at a panel event hosted by some of the biggest names in gaming and live streamed to the world! All details in the link.


Good luck if you decide to enter and please feel free to share this with anyone else you think might be interested.

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Beautiful piece. Great work! :)
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beutiful painting :)
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Your beautiful artwork has been featured here: [link]
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I love the colors so much. I looks bright and open without looking supersaturated or forced.
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wow! breathtaking
wow! this uncharted art good
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While I love your finished product, I'm more attracted to this one. Concept arts like this always grab my attraction because of their lack of details. Enough shape, form, colour, and lighting/shadow are drawn to coax my imagination to fill in the details in my mind. Excellent work, as always!
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Holy BALLS this is awesome! 8D
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So beautiful! i wish i had an easier time with landscapes.
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I simply love those kind of fantasy landscapes, I love the color palette :)
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piece of beauty. if I had nothing to do,would watch it all day.
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This is incredibly beautiful! how exactly did you make it?
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I'm truly Impressed
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It look excellent
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cool stuff, it has watercolor feel to it.
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That's an absolutely beatiful landscape, I really like fantasy landscapes that incorporate water like that=D

Wonderful job! :clap::hug:
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