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City Angels 2



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Imagine FX Issue 56.

Creating an Atmospheric Environment

"Learn how to establish mood early in the painting, and using concept art techniques to refine the painting into a believable world, with Frank Hong"

"I will be taking you through the creation of this painting step-by-step, explaining both technical and artistic decisions I make along the way. I will develop a dark atmospheric feeling for the painting very early in the production, and bring it to life with realistic rendering techniques. Many of these techniques are used daily in both professional concept art and matte-painting, and are essential tool sets to grasp. By utilizing the full arsenal of Photoshop you will greatly improve production time."

"Atmosphere development is the main focus of this workshop, so I’ll be taking quite a bit of time walking you through some of the concepts behind it. It’s important to know the feeling you want the viewers to get when they look at your painting, and carry that through to the finishing strokes. If the mood is correctly established, you’ll have more liberties with designs and layouts without changing the initial concepts."

Check out the Issue 56 for details. [link]
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Would you mind if i used this as a background for a lyric video that I may be making?
If you let me I will give you credit for the photo and If you want me to I will post a link on here to the video