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A brown, bipedal, digitigrade house mouse stops in mid-step and looks in dismay at his right foot, which has a red thread tied around it. He is wearing a red sweater that reads "Librarian"


This is the clothed version of [Tied down], for [this blog post]

The sweater is based on the sweater I must wear in Real Life when I work at the library; however, that sweater only says "staff" along the back. I have chosen to write "Librarian" across the front as a reference. I'll give a free sketch to anyone who can guess what it is I'm referencing.


When I did the original version, I didn't notice I had made the thread the same color as the sweater actually was; I simply gave it a color that would call attention to it, despite it not being in the foreground. When I colored the sweater, it was overpowering the image; you could stare at it for an hour and not realize the thread was there! So I dulled the sweater's color, dribling down its importance, until, as you can see, it calls just a bit less attention to itself than the string does.
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Hmm, I can't guess the reference. e_e Looks good, though. :3