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The cabin of some sort vehicle. The vehicle is being driven by a diminutive, extremely anthropomorphic kitten, barely big enough to turn the steering wheel. Atop the dashboard, a mouse, about the same size as the kitten, but with a lower degree of anthropomorphism, looks out the windshield and notices the vehicle is driving along the wrong side of the road, as evidenced by a "no entry" sign, a "wrong way" sign, and a truck that's about to hit them head-on.
"Uh... are you sure you know what you're doing?" he asks, spreading his arms out nervously, turning his body slightly towards the cat.
"Relax," says the cat, apparently preparing to steer the vehicle, "I do this every day!"

Background: Number 2 pencil on recycled paper
Characters and word balloons: vector art.


This little piece is a gift for [Startide] (link goes to FA). During our first conversation he mentioned that he was driving at the time. He had also told me previously that he was a "micro kitty" so instantly, this image popped into my mind.

Used in [this blog post].
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