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A pixelated version of a young man has bounced over a large equation, "undefined integral of cosine of two x, times e to the two x, of x", which is fading to be replaced by the text "Integration by parts, +25 points!" Stretching along the top of the screen, in contoured letters, is displayed "Semester: 3 of 8" and "Points: 576"

I haven't done pixel art in 6 years, so when I set out to do this I realized I had forgotten all about it. I looked at some of the old things I made and realized that if I drew my character like that, he simply wouldn't be recognizable, so I just threw it all out the window, zoomed in a lot, and drew him normally.

Well, almost.

My preferred tool for making pixel art was MS paint: simply pick a color, click, and that pixel becomes that color. With the new MS paint it is literally impossible to do this anymore: it needs two or more pixels, otherwise its antialiasing algorithm returns nothing (that is, no change). This was so frustrating that I gave up on a number of details, and is why, for instance, the eye has no pupil. MS paint, you're dead to me. Long live Adobe!

Created for this blog post.
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Ahhhhh IBP, how I miss you. :<