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My Bio
I'm a computer science major that draws in his free time. I started with [a blog], which is still an intricate part of my DeviantArt (or is my DeviantArt a part of my blog?)

There are three main reasons why I create art:
  1. for use on my blog
  2. to pass the time (such as on [those boring bus rides])
  3. because a funny image [just comes to me] and I want to capture it before I forget it

I try to explain which is which, when it's worth explaining, in the image description… right after an actual description for the visually impaired.

"Ignorance is fleeting, but knowledge is eternal."
--Sarah Ellerton

Favourite Visual Artist
Bill Watterson
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park I
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alan Menken
Favourite Games
SimCity 4
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gameboy Advance
Tools of the Trade
Flash, Freehand, Fireworks (Do I see a pattern?), PowerPoint (Not anymore!), Pencils numbers 0-4
Other Interests
I'm a bag of contradictions, ain't I?
I recently drew the 150 pokémon in commemoration for reaching 150 followers on twitter… after 11 years. I want to share some of the thoughts I had during the process, some of which I shared on twitter as I was doing it, others which didn’t fit in the character limit. Thought this might be a fun read for some of you. 003: The Bulbasaur line is a lot more turtle-like than I’d previously thought. 004: I hadn’t realized the Charmander line doesn’t have any ears, it has horns. 006: Do you remember that in Gen I, Charizard can’t use fly? So many jokes were lost when they “fixed” that… 007: Although I’m trying to not draw the Pokémon from the Anime, it’s hard to give a Squirtle glasses and not make him look like one of the Squirtle squad, but I figured out a way. 008: I can fully see the argument on Wartortle being based on an axolotl now. 009:Blastoise was the first Pokémon that was hard to draw: it just has so many elements: the shell, the ears, the cannons… I have a lot more respect for
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If you’ve been following my tweets or talking to me, you’ll know I’ve been facing severe financial hardship. But just toiling away at my job isn’t going to fix it; commissions, however, might since, as crazy as it sounds, they’re a greater and more reliable source of income than my actual salary. So why don’t I “just” open for commissions? Surely if I have time to draw things for free for people now, I have time to draw things for pay? Well, there are several reasons, the first of which is that I haven’t really delivered what I promised with the Special Passenger YCH. (Nominally, I’ve given people their money’s worth, but there’s a difference between that and what I actually offered) Secondly, I saw the denouncement posts making the rounds again in the community. This, plus the trauma of being blocked by dozens of people overnight only because a couple decided they didn’t like my jokes, including ones I had thought would be very interested in commissioning me, has again scared me
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If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll probably know that my computer suddenly, without warning, stopped working. I tried everything I could, but there is no way to get it to start up again. I can't afford to take it to a service, and the most likely outcome of that will be the hard drive being replacedI don't know how many files I lost. I had automatic backups set up for my work folders through Microsoft One Drive (it gets a lot of flak, but it works) but not everything had gotten a chance to upload at the time of the failure. I do, luckily, still have my old computer from 2015 so I'm not entirely incapacitated, but even now, a week later, I'm still setting up everything that, well, changed in those 7 years (including replacing my tablet and installing new versions of my art programs)... and learning things that it just can't do (noticeably, vector art can no longer be anti-aliased due to hardware limitations)No one seems to understand just how deeply this affects me. My dayjob is entirely done on the computer (thanks, pandemic); I can't relax watching TV but I can relax watching YouTube, wait for it, on the computer...which I can no longer do while working because the graphics card can't handle it (ironically, it had no such issues back in 2015... I'm not sure if that's software bloat, hardware degradation, or planned obsolescence). And, of course, I have to do my art on the computer for one very simple reason: I can't afford markersPosted using PostyBirb
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Btw, your style seems perfect for children's storybook... they have this cute, warm, fuzzy feeling. Have you considered something like that?
Awww thanks! Yes, I have, but the few plots I have written are kind of... unsuitable due to their length (unsuitable, not so much because I can't find a good target age, but because I don't know what i'd live off of while I do itSweating a little... )
Maybe you can do that in your spare time? I wouldn't think it'd give you a stable income either... but just an idea for you to maybe generate some money while making use of your strength.

Maybe you can tell me your plots, and I'll try to organize a plan for you. Over email? Notes? (I suggest email. DA Note sometimes doesn't work.)
Aw man, I never answered your email from 2013!
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Thanks for liking my art, Frank! :)
I'm a secret fan of Carry On

don't tell anyone ;)
You're secret's safe with me...!  ;P