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I'm just a little mouse artist, who started with [a blog], and is now trying to survive in an increasingly big world

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Bill Watterson
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Jurassic Park I
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Alan Menken
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SimCity 4
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Gameboy Advance
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Flash, Freehand, Fireworks (Do I see a pattern?), PowerPoint (Not anymore!), Pencils numbers 0-4
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I'm a bag of contradictions, ain't I?
I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but it never felt like the right time (it may now be past the right time, but I feel like I need to say this before writing about anything else) Firstly, for Macro March this year, I ran what effectively was a Growth Drive while I gave a tour of my world. I'm pretty happy with the tour part (I managed to hit all the stops I had planned and draw 16% more panels, total!) ...But as far as the Drive goes, I only raised $63. The same drive last year raised a modest $229, nearly four times as much (granted, "same" is up for discussion since the script was a lot looser). I spent a lot of time wondering what I did wrong. Did people not like the story? Was my art that bad? Was it because of my new job? When I looked at it closer, I believe I got donations from the same people as last year (and even people who weren't able to donate again left a like or a comment so I know they at least saw it) but they donated less, so a factor definitely
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It has come to my attention that what I feel like I'm getting the most practice on with this year's size drive is drawing hands! The obvious (shall we say) "academic" purpose of the size drive was to practice bodies in perspective, but I really feel like what I'm actually learning with it is how to draw hands in a number of positions and angles I don't usually do. This is probably because the size drive does have a bit of a story behind it so I "have" to keep moving. But this isn't the first time this happens: The stated purpose of the Pokémon TF drive was to practice drawing backgrounds (and I guess it helped, they don't bother me that much now) but I feel like what I actually practiced were expressions! The purpose of the original TF drive was to practice humans, but instead I practiced movement! The purpose of the original size drive was to practice size ratios, but instead I practiced drawing my characters (turns out I wasn't as good at it as I thought!) The purpose of the
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Disney's Wish

13 min read
Today I have to write about the movie everyone loves to hate… but, in my view, it’s for all the wrong reasons. On the one hand, it’s movie made to coincide with the 100th anniversary, it “had” to come out on the 100th anniversary day which meant parts of it would be rushed, what did you expect? On the other, people keep echoing a single word: soulless. There’s a lot of little things in this movie that make me disagree. Now, sure, I can already hear the counterargument that an overworked inbetweener pouring their soul into an animation sweep does not compensate for the lack of effort from the higher-ups, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Firstly, the only reason I was able to watch it was that someone finally put it up for pirating, so no yelling at me for giving Disney money to see it, I’m still too poor for that. Secondly, friendly reminder that when I watch movies, it’s as therapy. Did this movie fulfill that role? It’s debatable. To start, no I do not find the “quirky Disney
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