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me Franken :V
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Tiny Pixel Franken (Commission) by Motoyasu
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Comm: Dog's power has Increased! by FayeleneFyre
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Character bio for Halloween Grimfield : Writing in progress/Bio art not yet started
So JNRedmon  THE BASTARD has tagged me in this i guess ill do it, whatever, i like filling out those questionnaires for whatever reason

Again, im not tagging anyone, tags are annoying unless it's the 8 character facts tag so if you wanna do it consider yourself tagged

1. What's your real name? 
Contrary to popular belief my name is NOT Fran X"D
Tho i wish  it was really, i like it better than my real name...Those who bought paypal commissions from me or know me irl may already know that my real name is Iga (pronounced Ee-gah...because Polish people pronounce "i" differently lol X"D)
Not a secret, i just prefer to be called by my nicknames :V

2. What's your age? 
I'm 23.......................................I'm at that age when i feel old enough to be ready for death and so immature that i still cant belive im actually surviving on my own at the same time :V

3. Nicknames? 
Most people irl call me Igoo (Ee-goo) which i like better than my actual name.
Online im usually known as either Fish or any shade of Franken, Fran, Fronk, FF or enything else in that spirit.

4. What food do you like?
Free Food!
Haha but seriously...just any food? Im the very definition of a omnivore, i can eat everything you lay in front of me. There is a bunch of things i dislike, like algae, horseraddish, steak, beetroots etc but the list is not that long, and the rest is fine by me!
I do like things super spicy tho, and i like sour sweets a lot so i guess there's a more specific answer? I dunno X'D

5. What kind of music do you like?
Any kind, really! I just love music overall and i don't want to limit myself to one kind of genre. Like, literally anything from orchestral, classical stuff including a lot of game and movie soundtracks, rock, pop, rap, indie, electric, anything! I like to mix things up and there's so much variety in music nowadays that it would be a shame to limit myself to just one kind when there's so much to iosten to!

6. Favorite idol/band? 
God damn that's a hard one...i listen to a lot of different genres like i said and to pinpoint one band that i like the most would be like choosing which  one of my animals is my favourite pet - impossible.
But i can list some of those i listen to the most atm or have been  for years so here goes.
Green Day and  Billy Talent are always on my musical plate, i do have a lot of fondness to the late 90s early 2000s grunge music, I love game and movie soundtracks and some of the composers i listen to frequeently are Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Taku Iwasaki and many others, i have been dabbling in some more pop-ish and electro tones lately with Major Lazer, Mystery Skulls, Melanie Martinez or Marina and the yeah i guess that's what i'd list for now.
Oh, and Leningrad, one of my latest discoveries, what a gem i love the guy!

I know it's a lot sorry X"D

7. What program do you use for drawing? 
Psycho Ren 2668 by Franken-Fish

                     THESE HANDS

No but seriously i mostly draw traditionally so pens, markers and erasers are my program X"D
The few times i do draw digitally i use Paint Tool Sai

8. Show your first/last art. 
SoH cover idea by Franken-Fish 
this is the first thing i uploaded to DA...gosh it's dreadful X'D
ignoring the terrible photo quality and the fact that i literally just took a picture of the drawing on my mother's carpet X'D it's just not a very good picture ;y; looking at those bold jagged lines and the piss-poor marker job just makes my internal perfectionist cringe so much...
But anyways, this was an idea for a comic cover i wanted to start working on since FOREVER...the story is in the works since me and Draga-08 came up with it in our childhoods while playing toys and still the concept haven't even concluded. We basically have a lot of ideas for this story and universe and we're trying to put it all together somehow ;y; 
But i wanted to turn this into a comic since a looong time and i attempted to draw it several times with various results of failure, usually not getting through the first two pages X"D 
And this one is no exception, i just drew  an illustration  of the main character, Hal who is a grim reaper (and yes back then he was a furry cat, nowadays we redesigned all the characters to be human instead) sitting in a graveyard i guess? a single tombstone graveyard with a "beware of ghosts" sighn i saw in a castle museum somewhare and wanted to put it into a yeah not much, not really "cover art" worthy tbh X'D
Maybe i should redraw this with Hal's present design, who the fuck knows...
((Gift Art)) Oko by Franken-Fish
The newest one is this. Not much to say about this one, it's just a gift for a friend of their
Tho comparing the two and  seeing  how my techniques has improved just makes me kinda...i dunno proud? is that what you call this feeling?

9. What's your main OC and their name? 
Im not sure what do you mean by "main" but i could list a bunch of OCs there and it would propably fit the creteria X"D
So let me do just that then!
A lil' bit of tea in the afternoon... by Franken-Fish
Franken- my personal avatar. I created her to be the visual representation of me in my works so she is the main character i use to picture myself if im not just drawing self portraits

Character bio - Willow Hollowtree by Franken-Fish
Willow- he has become one of my main RP personas. I like to write as Willow a lot and use him as much as i can, so he could be considered a main RP persona for me. Definitely a "main" when it comes to my Zelda characters
Scythe Meister Halloween Grimfield by Franken-Fish
Hal " Halloween" Grimfield (pictured here for a Soul Eater AU, thus the soul and a less realistic name, fits with the universe...also the only semi-present ref i have of him right now ;3; )
He's the main character of a super important story i have been working on with my best friend. This character has been with me for YEARS and his story has changed and improved quite a lot during those years and im really glad to still  have him and be working on him and his story. I hope i will one  day have enough drive to do something serious with the story :/

And i think this will do :B

10. You are single or taken? 
Im the one single friend who gives everyone relationship advice...because couches don't play U3U

and that is it, ladies and gents...gotta move on to responding to all the RPs i niglected because of my comp breaking :/




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